Brawl Stars Fang – What You Need To Know

by Not_Shreyas

Season 10 of Brawl Stars is in full gear and players have begun to unlock Fang, the Chromatic Brawler that can be unlocked at tier 30. Fang works at the local theatre in Starr Park because he needs more money. He loves martial arts, which is why all his attacks are related to it! He seems to be a mix of El Primo and Colette, having both their abilities which makes his gameplay interesting. Here’s what you need to know about Brawl Stars’ latest Chromatic Brawler Fang.

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Normal Attack (Wu-Shoe)

Fang’s normal attack is called Wu-Shoe! He unleashes a swift kick at a range similar to El Primo’s. At level 11, it deals 2100 damage! However, if he misses, he releases his shoe and it becomes a low damage, ranged attack that can be used to poke enemies.

Super (Sneak Ahead)

Fang dashes to the nearest enemy dealing 1800 damage. This is very similar to Colette’s super, except that Fang’s super is 1 way( i.e., he doesn’t come back to the same point). If there is another enemy Brawler nearby, Fang also dashes to that enemy. This way Fang can hit up to 4 enemies with one Super and possibly wipe out an entire team in one go!

Fang’s Super

Gadget (Corn – Fu)

“Fang tosses a handful of corn kernels into the air, making it rain popcorn! Each kernel pop deals 500 damage.”

Fang throws several bags of popcorn that explode into small pieces of popcorn. Each corn deals 500 damage and charges Fang’s Super. It is similar to Tick’s attack and can be used for recon.

Fang’s Popcorn Gadget!

Star Power (Fresh Kicks)

If Fang defeats an enemy while using this Star Power, his Super gets instantly recharged!

Tips and Strategies:

  1. Fang has high health, a high damage output, and a very fast movement speed, but a short attack range. You can use this to your advantage to slowly poke at enemies in Bounty and Gem Grab.
  2. If you use the “Fresh Kicks” Star Power, try to save it and use it only to eliminate enemies so that your super gets recharged. This Star Power is extremely useful for teamwipes.
  3. Fang’s super is a one way Colette super. You can use it to escape from enemies if you have low health. You can also dash with it to quickly collect Nuts in Siege or Power Cubes in Showdown.
Dashing With Fang’s Gadget to get Nuts in Siege
  1. Fang’s popcorn gadget has a very wide spread. You can use it in maps with lots of bushes, like Snake Prairie, to scout for enemies. It also charges your super if it hits enemies!
  2. Fang has an extremely high health at level 11, that is 6750 health! This makes him an extremely tanky brawler. Use can use him in a team with assassins like Crow/ Leon and a Sharpshooter like Piper/Belle to make a nice combo.

What do you think about the newest chromatic brawler? Do you think Fang’s super needs a nerf? Go out there and kick some butt!

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