Unlock Grom early! The Brawl Stars Grom Challenge Starts Now

by TheAlmightybro

The Brawl Stars Grom Challenge has begun – brawl your way to 9 wins to unlock the brand new Epic Brawler Grom before anyone else! Do you have what it takes?

What is the Grom Challenge and how can I win it?

The Grom Challenge is one of a set of challenges introduced in the latest Brawl Stars Brawliversary & Brawlidays update. You can win rewards such as Power Points with each match win all the up to unlocking Grom (Epic Brawler)! Just win 9 matches before losing 3 to unlock Grom before anyone else can. Note that rebuys/retries cost just 1 Gem, so you can probably afford to replay the Challenge if you lost the first time around.

Hurry! The challenge will only be here for 5 days from 12/22/2021 to 12/27/2021.

Brawl Stars Grom Challenge
Brawl Stars Grom Challenge

General Tips

  • Try to find at least one friend or clubmate to play with. You have a much greater chance of winning the Challenge playing with a buddy or two!
  • Wait a day or two before playing to avoid all the “sweats.” Towards the end of the Challenge, most players grinding for Grom have already gotten him, so you will most likely face more casuals! Shh, don’t tell anyone I said this.
  • Pick Star Powers and Gadgets that suit the Brawler and your playstyle the best. You have access to every Brawler you own and they become fully maxed out for the Challenge, so take advantage of it.
  • If you lose 2 in a row, take a break to reset your mental and your fingers. Don’t tilt your way into the next game.
  • Don’t give up in the middle of a game! Just because your teammate made a bad play or you’re down 1-9 in Gem Grab does NOT mean the game is lost. Anything is possible!

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