Power League 101 – Brawl Stars Guide

by Not_Shreyas

Power League has been around for more than 9 months now: how are you fairing compared to the competition? Whether you’re a newbie or prolific Brawler, take a gander at this Power League 101 guide to learn something new that will help you climb the ranks!

What is Power League?

Power League is the newest competitive mode in Brawl Stars, which is unlocked at 4,500 trophies. It’s all about strategy, so you need to be on top of your game if you want to win. This guide may help you on your way to becoming the ultimate Power League Champion.


Wait, But What About Power Play?

Power Play was a competitive mode that could be unlocked after earning a Star Power for any Brawler. After an update on 3/16/21, it was replaced by Power League and now it’s nothing more than a memory. A moment of silence, please.


When selecting the game mode, you are presented with two options: Solo or Team. Selecting Solo will queue you with two other players that selected Solo. You cannot queue up for Solo if you are in a party with any other player. You will be matched against 3 other people that queued as Solo. The alternative is playing with a Team. In order to queue up for this, you need to be in a party of 3, no more and no less. You will be matched up against another party of 3 that chose the Team mode.

Power League matches are formatted as a two-win tournament, where the first team to win two matches wins. Games are played on a randomly selected mode and map that are picked when players are in the queue. The maps change from season to season. Both teams, which you see as the Blue and Red team, have a team captain, who can ban a brawler before starting the match. The team captain is chosen randomly when in the solo queue; the party leader is the team captain when you queue in a team.

Players are matched based on their current Power League Rank, so you’re more likely to play against people with a similar skill level to you. Note that leaving at any point after the matchmaking begins (whether intentional or not) will result in warnings, and ultimately bans from Power League for a specific amount of time.

Picking Brawlers:

Team Captains get to choose one Brawler each to ban for the duration of the games. Note that the ban lasts throughout all the matches, not just through one match. Neither team can select the banned brawlers for those games, but any other brawler is open to whomever on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There’s a designated Brawler select order for everyone, and once a brawler is chosen, it cannot be picked by another player. After the two Brawlers are banned by the team leaders, one team is randomly picked to have the first pick. Then, two members from the other team get to pick their brawlers, then two from the other, then the last one remaining. For example, the Red Team gets to choose first, so one player picks Colt. Then, one player from Team Blue picks Shelly and another picks Bull. After that, another Team Red player picks Dynamike and the Team Red Captain picks Nita. Finally, the Team Blue Captain picks Stu.

After everyone has a Brawler, the matches start. As mentioned before, the first team to get 2 match victories wins. You cannot change your Brawler or anything on it in between matches, so choose wisely when it’s your turn.


Although Power League has no requirements, per se (apart from needing 4500 trophies to unlock it), it is highly recommended to have some brawlers at least at Power Level 9 with a Star Power – this greatly improves your chances of winning.

Power League Rewards:

Power League Seasons include special quests that reward players with limited player icons and skin purchasing options. Finish these quests to unlock these exclusive rewards!

Season End Star Points Rewards

Season End Star Points:

You are eligible to receive season-end Star Points if you have played at least 1 match in that season. Star Point rewards are given out based on the highest rank reached from either Solo or Team modes.

That about wraps up this Power League 101 guide. What are your thoughts on the state of Power League? Do you have any additional tips you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts and more in the Brawl News Discord server!

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