Meg Breakdown – Brawl Star’s Latest Legendary Brawler

by Not_Shreyas

After what felt like an eternity, a new Legendary Brawler has finally arrived in Brawl Stars. Meg is the newest Brawler to be added to Season 8, and she is a vending machine mechanic who strives to be like Surge and Max. Meg’s normal attack may do less damage than even Poco, but perhaps she has some tricks up her sleeves…let’s see!

Meg cartoon

Meg’s Normal attack (Target Acquired):

Meg shoots 2 bolts, dealing extremely low damage, for her normal attack. Each bolt deals 420 damage at max level, effectively dealing 840 damage. But, on the brighter side, her movement speed is quite fast, and she has a decent range. But still, it seems like Meg isn’t worthy of being a legendary brawler since she doesn’t have an X – factor, right?

Enter Rob.

Meg’s Super (Mecha Machina):

Meg hops into her Mecha, Rob, after a 1 second delay. Rob has its OWN normal attack and super. Rob is what makes her a legendary brawler, so let’s dive deep into his modified attacks:

Rob Rules!

Rob’s Normal Attack (Crowd Control):

Rob fires 2 parallel streams of bullets, leaving a width of 1 tile between the streams. He shoots 8 bolts, but unusually, this doesn’t charge his super. It instead charges automatically over a period of 5 seconds. Rob heals 80% less from any external healing source.

Also, Rob’s health decays by 2% of its maximum health per second. Once his health reaches 0, Meg will return to normal with an empty ammo bar and have the same health as she did at the time of her Super’s activation. Meg’s Super transformation can be canceled if she is taken.

Rob’s normal attack, Crowd Control

Rob’s Super: (Feel the Steel):

Rob swings his forearm in a large arc, similar to that of Bibi, and deals 3360 damage at max level! Her super has a spread of 150o. Do note that if her Mecha is taken out while Rob’s Super is charged, Meg won’t have her Super when she transforms back.

Meg transforming into Rob, her mecha

Gadget (Jolting Volts):

This Gadget heals Rob for 450 health over a period of 5 seconds, for a total of 2250 health.

Star Power (Force Field):

After Rob gets taken out, Meg is protected by a “force field” which reduces damage by 35% for 30 seconds. That’s a pretty long duration!

Some Useful Tips and Strategies:

  1. Do not become the Gem Grab carrier. Meg should only be played as a sidekick because without her super, she is a liability for her team. Use her only to slowly chip away at the opponents and let your teammates collect gems, or as her description says, “poke at your enemies’ patience!”
  1. Do keep in mind Meg’s slow unload speeds. Her normal attack takes 0.35 seconds and her transformation into Rob (her mecha) takes 1 second. Meg is unable to attack or move during the 1-second delay, so this makes her extremely vulnerable to damage. Also, her mecha has an unload speed of 0.95 seconds.  While this might not seem like much, it is pretty significant in game modes like Gem Grab where anything can happen in a moment’s notice.
  1. As there is a 1 second delay before Meg hops into her Mecha, make sure to activate her Super where you’ll be safe from attacking enemies, such as in bushes, because she is susceptible to stuns and getting knocked out in that 1 second. Be wary of stealthy brawlers like Edgar and Leon as they would try to take advantage of you and knock you out in that split second.
  1. Meg is devastating in her mecha form. Use her to deal explosive damage to the IKE in Siege and the safe in Heist. A good trio for both game modes would be any long range brawler like Piper/ Belle and any mid-range brawler that deals a lot of damage, like Amber/Colt/ Spike. Use this trio to become undefeatable! Let me know what you think of this combo in the comments below!
  1. Save your Mecha’s super to instantly eliminate low health brawlers like Barley, Tick, Piper, or save it to damage high health brawlers like Frank and El Primo that can be nuisances in game modes like Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.
Meg’s super, Feel the Steel in action!
  1. After Rob is taken out, Meg spawns back with 0 ammo and the same health she had before using her super. Try to ensure that when Rob’s health nears 0, you hide behind a wall or in a bush so that when you transform back into Meg, you can reload your ammo and health without taking enemy fire.
  1. Meg’s mecha, Rob, can act as an extremely good shield in Brawl Ball, as Rob is tremendously tanky and can be used to significantly damage opponents in close combat. She can easily take enemy fire and provide area denial to help the ball carrier score a goal.

What do you think about the newest Legendary Brawler? Do you think Meg needs a buff/nerf? Do you like her gadget? Join the Brawl News Discord server for discussions and more!

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