Brawl Talk: One of the most anticipated Brawl Stars updates is coming and it’s not Club Wars

by Simply Pete
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The Brawl Stars November Club League Brawl Talk is here and Club Leagues are finally coming. If you haven’t already, you can check out the latest Brawl Talk below.

All about Club Leagues

General Information

  • Each Club League season lasts 1 week
  • Every week, your Club is matched with 7 other Clubs from your same region
  • There will be no option to opt-in or opt-out of Club Leagues, everything is automatic
  • Matchmaking is based on Club ranks; everyone starts at Bronze 1
  • If you leave or switch Clubs during a season, you will not be able to participate nor will you receive any rewards for that season
  • The first Club League Season starts on Wednesday, November 24th


  • There will be 3 event days were your Club competes: wednesday, friday, and sunday
  • Each day is 24 hours for everyone, regardless of your location
Club League weekly schedule
  • 2 gameplay options:
    • Standard matches:
      • Best of 1
      • 1 game mode and map per day
      • Win with Club team: 4 Club Trophies*
      • Entry fee: 1 Ticket per play
    • Competitive matches:
      • Best of 3
      • Random game mode and map
      • Layout and process similar to Power League
      • Win with Club team: 9 Club Trophies*
      • Entry fee: 2 Tickets per play
  • Every match day, you receive 4 Tickets, resetting at the end of the day
  • Matches can be played solo, with randoms, or with Club members

* Full Club Trophy Rewards:

  • Standard Club Trophy Rewards
  • Competitive Club Trophy Rewards
  • You can purchase and use up to 4 Golden Tickets per week, allowing up to 4 additional matches per week
Golden Ticket prices
  • At the end of each day, Clubs will be ranked based on the total amount of Club Trophies accumulated by all players in the Club
  • Based on the final ranking each day, each Club receives Club Points for their weekly standing. Clubs receive 10 to 100 Club Points every day
  • Club Trophies are reset at the end of each day
  • Each season ends on Monday, and the Clubs are ranked based on the total accumulated Club Points. This ranking determines if a Club gets promoted or demoted and the amount of rewards


  • Rewards come in the form of a new currency: Club Coins
  • Your individual level of rewards is based on:
    • The devision your Club played in
    • Your Club’s weekly rank
    • Your personal level of activity
  • Club Coins can be used in the Club Shop to purchase the following items:
    • Exclusive skins (Potato Squeak, Moldy Mike, and Chicken Roco will come with the update)
    • Wild Card Power Points
    • Coins
    • Gear Scraps

New Brawler upgrade: Gears

Damage Gear Token
  • Power Level 10 is no longer a purely cosmetic level
  • Power Level 10 and the new Power Level 11 will require Power Points and Coins
  • Each Power Level (10 and 11) will unlock a Gear slot for up to 2 Gears per Brawler
  • Gears will be available for you once you unlock your first level 10 Brawler with the first Gear on the house
  • Gears are passive abilities that are the same for each Brawler
  • 5 Gear types at launch:
    • Damage: Deal 10% extra damage when below 50% health
    • Health: Recover 100 health per second when stationary
    • Resistance: Reduce stun duration effects, and decrease slow effectiveness by 25%
    • Shield: Gain extra 300 health as a consumable shield. The shield regenerates 50 health per second, when at full health
    • Speed: Get a speed increase when moving in bushed by 15%
  • Crafting (unlocking and upgrading) requires a Gear Token and Gear Scraps
  • Gear Tokens and Gear Scraps can be acquired from Brawl Boxes, the Club Shop, and the regular Shop
  • Once you craft a Gear on a Brawler, that Gear is locked to that Brawler. That means that if you want a Damage Gear for each Brawler, you will need to craft that Gear 52 times.
  • Gears can also be upgraded. Each Gear can be upgraded to level 3 with increasing cost for each level
  • Gear levels are designed so that the first level provides the most value for your resources
  • With the addition of Gears, each fully maxed Brawler has up to 40 different loadouts to choose from

2021 World Finals

The Brawl Stars 2021 World Finals will take place from November 26th to 28th. By watching the show, you can earn rewards, including Cat Burglar Jessie for free. More information about the World Finals can be found in the Brawl Talk or on the Brawl Stars Esports YouTube channel.

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