Brawl Talk is Coming. What About Club Wars? It’s Unlikely

by TheAlmightybro

Brawl Stars’ next Brawl Talk is coming in just a few hours, but will it bring the long-awaited Club Wars? Probably not. Here’s what is coming, though.

Before we get started, you can watch the Brawl Talk when it comes out here:

What we can expect

First and foremost, the title of the Brawl Talk video is: “Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk – New Legendary Brawler!!” So, we can expect a brand new legendary Brawler who appears to be some sort of mechanic or tech guy according to the video thumbnail and this image posted on their social media:

Brawl Stars Twitter - September Brawl Talk teaser image
Brawl Stars Twitter – September Brawl Talk teaser

The Brawler will complete the trio with Surge and Max, but that’s about as much as we know.

As with any update, new skins are likely to come with it that fit the theme of the update. For now, we can only speculate on which Brawlers are getting skins.

The update may also bring some environmental changes, but the Brawl Talk thumbnail’s background looks a lot like the Retropolis theme. So, don’t expect a brand new one.

September Brawl Talk thumbnail
September Brawl Talk thumbnail

What about Club Wars? Is it coming?

In the last Brawl Stars update, the team revealed that they were ready to implement new changes to Clubs in order to prepare for upcoming features. Specifically, they mentioned that they were lowering the max Club capacity from 100 down to 30 in order for the new Club features to work. This gave us a clue that whatever the team has planned for Club Wars required downsizing to bring players “closer together.”

This was a pretty controversial change to many players and esports groups who loved the large Club size. However, the Brawl Stars team will be unlikely to retract their plan. If you played the game early on, you would know that the change from portrait mode to landscape mode caused a huge uproar in the community, but the team assured us that it was for the best. They were right. Hopefully, that trend doesn’t break.

Club Wars concept by Reddit user u/AndyCR19

That being said, Club Wars are probably not coming in this next update. Firstly, this update comes just one month after the previous big update and happens between the Brawl Pass season, so major changes are unlikely to come during this time. In addition, the team mentioned that they don’t have a confirmed date for the above changes and will release information on their socials prior to the update. So far, they have not given clear teases or reveals about anything Club related, so don’t expect Club Wars until at least the update after.

However, minor Club changes may happen to slowly transition. The previous Brawl Talk did mention that you will have “at least 30 days” to rearrange your Clubs on your own, so they may shrink the Club capacity this time around. Club Wars though? Probably not – sorry folks. But hey, anything could happen! The Brawl Stars team is known for giving surprises. In the meantime, get yourself a new legendary Brawler!

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