Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk – Meet Meg, the New Legendary Brawler!

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The newest Brawl Talk is here! Meet the new Legendary Brawler, Meg!

If you haven’t watched the latest Brawl Talk yet, you can check it out here:

The Brawl Talk starts with a sketch of Max Energy drink with a Max Energy water bottle. While the main purpose of this segment is to describe this update as being “quick and tasty,” could this possibly hint at Brawl Stars merch sometime further down the line? Only time will tell.

Max Energy drink

Meg Brawler

New Legendary Brawler – Meg

Meg is the third member of Max and Surge’s trio and is coming with the next content update. She’s a super-smart vending machine repair girl who wants to be a superhero like Max and Surge. Unfortunately for her, they don’t think she’s ready to be a hero. Meg is here to prove them wrong.

Meg Attributes

Meg is a medium-range Brawler who deals relatively low damage and has low hitpoints. Her Main Attack shoots two small projectiles that only deal enough damage to slowly chip away at an opponent’s health. However, Meg’s Super is where she shines. Upon Super activation, she transforms into an unstoppable bot with boatloads of hitpoints and gains an altered Main Attack and Super.

During Meg’s Super, her Main Attack shoots 8 projectiles rapidly from 2 laser cannons. Each projectile deals less damage than her normal Main Attack, but overall the potential damage from the increased projectile count increases greatly.

Meg's secondary Main Attack during her Super
Meg’s secondary Main Attack during her Super

Her Super button changes mechanics as well. While on her bot, Meg’s Super turns into a short-ranged, area damage attack (looks similar to Bibi’s Main Attack) that deals massive damage. This Super charges itself pretty quickly, but it doesn’t charge with the bot’s Main Attack.

Meg's secondary Super during her main Super
Meg’s secondary Super while in bot form

Be aware that while Meg is on her bot (her main Super), her health slowly decays until it reaches 0. When the health reaches 0, either from decaying or from enemy attacks, Meg returns to her normal form to continue fighting.

New Skins

  • Supercell Make: Gladiator Colette designed by Francy and Beats
  • V8-Bit

Retropolis Skins

Retropolis Skins are now seasonal and will only appear once a year. If you get all the skins, you will unlock exclusive pins for all of them.

Retropolis Skins

You can unlock V8-Bit for free by beating the Retropolis Challenge in October.

Retropolis Challenge

Clubs Reminder

In the next update, Clubs will be reduced from 100 to 30 members in order to accommodate the new Club activities, so please plan accordingly.

Other Update Changes

  • New skin randomizer and improvements on how to select them
Skin randomizer
  • Pins are now usable in the Club chat
  • More animated Pins, including a new exclusive Pin for Dark Lord Spike
  • More True Gold and True Silver Skins
More True Gold and True Silver skins
8-Bit, Poco, Brock, Pam, Max (Left-Right)
  • Evil Queen Pam is getting new voicelines
  • Improvements for teaming up with friends
  • Bug Fixes

And finally, the most important news of them all:

To be continued...Ryan

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