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Brawl Stars Season 8’s fairy tale theme is the harbinger of a new intimidating chromatic knight, Ash! Ash is literally a trashcan knight in armor but is in fact, not trash at all (pun partially intended). Ash brings a new trait into the game – an impressive rage bar. Extremely buff with almost 7000 HEALTH at level 9/10 (gee, that’s pretty tanky), he has a moderate reload speed and attack damage. Ash also gets a cool ninja skin which can be unlocked at tier 70 of this season’s Brawl Pass! Let’s take a closer look at Brawl Stars’s latest addition.

Season 8's Brawl Pass
Season 8’s Brawl Pass

A complete Ash Breakdown:

Ash’s Rage Bar:

Ash’s rage bar is a meter that influences his movement speed and damage he deals based on attacks received and dealt. If it is 1/3rd charged, his shockwave (main attack) deals 50% more damage and gives him a speed boost. If it is 2/3rds charged, he deals 100% more damage (double the damage of the base attack) and gets another slightly faster speed boost. Note that he doesn’t receive any more buffs beyond that. Your rage meter/bar is displayed below your ammo bar. A small crown to the left of the rage bar also indicates how full it is. Keep a constant track to ensure it gets charged!

Ash ammo and rage bar image
Ash ammo and rage bar

Attack Delay:

While Ash’s attack (called Clean Up) deals splash damage in a lane, his attacks have a delay of 0.7 seconds. While this may seem like an extremely short time, it is pretty significant (just think of Frank). Keep this delay in mind when playing against assassins like Edgar or Leon as he would be vulnerable to them, especially in game modes like Gem Grab and Showdown, where every second is critical.

Using Ash's lane damage to your advantage in Heist
Using Ash’s lane damage to your advantage in Heist

Super (Little helpers):

The knight throws 5 robotic rats (yes, rats, you read it right). Although each rat only has a measly 420HP, each rat charges Ash’s rage bar by 13.3% if they hit an enemy. Together, if they all hit an enemy, they charge his rage bar by 66.5% (THAT’S A LOTTA DAMAGE)!

Ash's Robotic Mice to the rescue
Ash’s Robotic Mice to the rescue

Gadget (Chill Pill):

Ash pops a pill (kinda strange, huh?) into his mouth to immediately gain health based on how much his rage bar is charged. If it is completely full, he regains 2500 health. “Less rage, less recovery.” Unlike Poco’s ‘Tuning Fork’ gadget, which makes brawlers regain health over a period of time, Ash’s Chill Pill helps him instantly gain health – another bonus in game modes like Showdown, Siege, and Brawl Ball where staying alive is vital.

Star Power (First Bash):

Ash’s first Star Power, First Bash, makes it so his next attack charges his rage bar by 100% more to opponents if the attack hits (from 12.5% charged to 25% charged). This only activates when his ammo bar is completely filled up. If the ammo bar turns yellow in color, it indicates that the Star Power is active.

Top 5 Ash Tips and strats:

  1. Ash’s trait differentiates him from other brawlers and gives him an edge over them. That’s why whilst playing him, remember that charging his rage bar is the topmost priority to receive maximum damage and speed from him and make one-on-one interactions much easier.
  2. Use Ash’s Super wisely. Try to aim his rats as close to the enemies as possible to charge his rage bar to the maximum to attain speed boosts and damage buffs. An alternative is to use his rats to protect yourself by placing them as a shield to escape if needed. Enemies will be forced to waste ammo to defeat his rats if they don’t want to get hit. This is especially useful on brawlers with single-hit, low-reload-speed brawlers like Piper.
  3. In Showdown and Gem Grab, when Ash has his first Star Power equipped, try to play conservatively and save shots to consistently charge your rage bar twice as fast instead of constantly spamming attacks and wasting your ammo.
  4. Try to refrain from using your gadget unless your rage bar is full to obtain maximum health recovery. For instance, 2500 HP which would be more useful than wasting it to get only around 500 health. That being said, if it saves you from dying in certain situations, there’s not a better option.
  5. Since Ash is relatively tanky, you can use his health and rat defence to strategically help your teammates, especially in Gem Grab for protecting the gem carrier. In Siege, do remember to keep your rage bar fully charged up when your team’s bot spawns so that you can deal maximum damage to the opponents IKE.
Using Ash's tankiness to grab bolts in Siege
Using Ash’s tankiness to grab bolts in Siege

That wraps up this Brawl Stars Ash breakdown. What do you think about this brawler and the Season 8 Brawl Pass? Do you think Ash needs a nerf? (I do 😃). Waiting for his second gadget and star power? Let us know your thoughts in the Brawl News Discord server! Adios.

Brawl Stars Ash

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