How To Get a Multicolored Chromatic Name in Brawl Stars!

by Not_Shreyas
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Buy the Brawl Pass. There is no other tactic, like spamming the Brawl Stars icon until your fingers break, or throwing your phone from your balcony at an angle of 43.79o EXACTLY when the Brawl Stars loading screen pops up, to ensure you get the Chromatic nameplate! Contrary to what many fake sources have to offer, blowing your 169 precious gems is the only way Supercell allows you to gain access to the attractive, multicolor nameplate. No more codes, no more hashtags.

The coveted glorious Chromatic Nameplate!

Common FAQs:

What is the Brawl Pass?

It is a progressive tier system that allows you to gain rewards by completing certain quests. It replaced the old system of getting a Brawl Box for 100 tokens, and 10 Star Tokens for a Big Box. It costs 169 gems, but if you are impatient and want to boost your tier level, you also have the option to cough up 249 gems to buy the Brawl Pass Bundle which advances you up by 5 tiers.

Should I buy the Brawl Pass?

Of course! (Well, Unless you’re broke ☹). You get extra rewards including Coins, Pin Packs, and Boxes. Along with this, you also get an exclusive skin and the latest Chromatic Brawler!

Can I create a custom gradient?

No. Unfortunately, you can only choose from one of the preset options at this time.

Hope all Brawl Star newcomers got their questions answered! Do let me know what you think of the latest Brawl Pass in the comments below!

I want to buy the Brawl Pass!

That’s great! But before purchasing gems, consider using a Creator Code of your favorite Content Creator!

If you would like to support our work, you can use our code for the main project which is code Brawlify!

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