Brawl Talk: Once Upon A Brawl – New Brawler, Future Club Changes, & More

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A new Brawl Talk is out and boy is there a lot to get excited about! This episode of Brawl Talk, dubbed “Once Upon a Brawl,” brings us Brawl Pass season 8, Chromatic Brawler, Game mode, future club changes, and more. Take a gander and what’s coming in the next Brawl Stars update.

Did you know? The Brawl Talk release date was revealed in the #BadRandoms music video!

Before we get started, feel free to watch the Once Upon a Brawl Brawl Talk video if you haven’t already:

Brawl Talk – Once Upon a Brawl

NEW Chromatic Brawler: ASH!

New Chromatic Brawler Ash

Ash is the newest Chromatic addition to Brawl Stars, coming in Brawl Pass season 8. “The Trash Knight” is a cleaner at the castle courtyard and has a suit of armor made from a trash bin. He is a mid-range, high-health Brawler with decent DPS.

In addition, Ash has a Rage Bar that filled up as he hits enemies or when he takes damage. When the Rage Bar is fully filled, he gets stronger and moves faster for a short period of time.

Ash's Rage Bar makes him stronger and faster
Ash’s Rage Bar makes him stronger and faster

Ash’s Attack

Ash’s attack is strikingly similar to that of Nita’s – he sends out a shockwave that hits all enemies in its range. However, unlike Nita, Ash’s attack has a delay of around 0.5s (similar to Frank/Bibi). Furthermore, his reload speed is comparable to Bull’s, so you don’t waste your ammo.

Ash's attack
Ash’s attack

Ash’s Super

His Super launches a projectile that can go over walls and releases 5 R.A.T.S. bots. These bots have little health and will go towards the nearest enemy Brawler and explode on impact or when destroyed.

Ash’s Super

NEW Modified Game mode: Showdown+

Showdown+ is a new, modified version of regular Showdown that will be here for a limited time while Supercell tests the game mode. Showdown+ aims to further discourage teaming by rewarding more trophies to players who get more kills.

Showdown+ game mode
Showdown+ game mode

You will earn trophies for killing enemies but also lose trophies for dying*. Showdown+ will be in its own slot for the duration of the Once Upon a Brawl Brawl Pass season.

*The end screen shows losing 1 trophy for getting defeated, so this is what I interpret it as.

NEW Once Upon a Brawl Skins

Like with every update, a plethora of new Skins – unlockable in various ways – are coming.

Brawl Pass Skins

  • Princess Shelly – Brawl Pass tier 1
  • Ninja Ash – Brawl Pass tier 70

Fairytale-Themed Skins

  • Unicorn Knight Barley
  • Evil Queen Pam
  • Prince Sprout – 2 variations: Ruby Prince Sprout & Emerald Prince Sprout
  • El Dragón – 2 variations: El Dragón Rosado & El Dragón Verdoso

Other Skins

  • Wizard Byron – Available for pruchase for 25,000 Star Points after 30 Power League wins
  • Lunar Piper – Moon Festival skin
  • Handsome Colt – ’cause why not?

Future Club Changes & Features

In the Brawl Talk, Paula and Pani revealed that in one of the next updates, they are planning to release a series of improvements for Clubs. In the video, Dani said that “[We] are developing something that will bring Clubmates closer together.”

“[We] are developing something that will bring Clubmates closer together.”


However, in order to do this, they will need to reduce Club sizes to just 30 members. You will have at least 30 days to make changes yourself to reorganize your Clubs. If you can’t find a solution yourself, the Brawl Stars team will give a solution later on. This is a drastic change, so be prepared!


  • More animated Pins
  • New Brawler VFX for Frank, DJ Frank, Calavera Piper
  • FREE Mega Box for everyone

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