Bad Randoms sound bites everywhere #BadRandoms

by Henry
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What’s happening?

Have you also noticed that a lot of content creators posted a short sound bite on their social media accounts such as Twitter or their YouTube channels? There are multiple variations and the most possible reason is that this is a song split into many sound bites!

Note: The full song has now been released and contains some Brawl Talk secrets!

Here are some examples!

Take a look at these examples down below, some of them are the same but there are multiple samples.

And it’s not just on Twitter!

There are many more sound bites and not all of them are on Twitter. Here are some of them on YouTube!

And there are many more, we are still looking for them!

Some people even tried combining them already! Seems like that will uncover this mystery.

So what is this?

This is just another mystery like any other Brawl Stars Lore-related social media posts or cryptic messages like the WKBRL channel!

You will most likely find an answer to this on the official subreddit or other official social media accounts like Brawl Stars on Twitter.

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