10 Unique Tips for Mastering Griff in Brawl Stars

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Today’s article is going to be all about Griff! Griff is the epic latest Brawler to be added to Brawl Stars. He is a careless banker who hastily throws away his employees’ tips. A Brawler with moderate health, Griff has some pretty hilarious voice lines. He looks like he is constantly vexed and agitated (which is maybe why his Super, called “Cashback”, does more damage the further it goes away!). Read on to know 10 tips to play this new Brawler!

Yeni Karakter Griff Çıkma Anı-Brawl Stars - YouTube
Unlocking Griff!
  1. Griff’s normal attack, called “Coin Toss,” shoots 9 coins each dealing 308 damage at level 9/10. This is extremely powerful, as Griff can win against most opponents in close combat. But remember, he still struggles against Brawlers like Mortis or Edgar due to his slower firing speed.
  2. Griff’s Super, “Cashback,” deals up to 2310 max damage at close range (at level 9/10) and deals 924 damage per banknote at max range (he shoots 5 banknotes)! Use this to deal a fatal blow to low health Brawlers that are running away.
To deal max damage, your Super needs to reach its furthest point!
  1. Another trait of Griff’s Super is that the attack returns back to him, passing through any obstacle, along the way (just like Carl’s attack). Use this to deal twice the damage and terminate the opponent team that’s grouping together in game modes like Brawl Ball.
Griffs’s Super passing through walls
  1. His Super can also be used to maintain area control and rule lanes in Hot Zone and Siege using his widespread Super.  Also, save it for instant burst damage if tanks or assassins suddenly rush in.
Deal instant damage to the safe with Griff’s super,’ Cashback!’
Maintaining area control with Griff to let teammates reach the ball and score
  1. Griff’s Gadget, “Piggy Bank,” is useful but has a significant delay of 2.5 seconds. You cannot rely on this Gadget to bail you out from assassins like Leon/Crow/Edgar, but you can definitely use it against tanks like El Primo and Frank.
Griff’s Gadget, ‘Piggybank’
  1. In continuation to the previous point, although the Gadget seems inefficient because of the attack delay, it can still be used to destroy opponent walls and bushes. Use this to your advantage in Gem Grab and Bounty maps where opponents constantly hide behind obstacles. Since this Gadget also has a comparatively wider range of 2.67 tiles AND knocks back enemies, you can also you use it to prevent opponents from grouping together in Brawl Ball. You will, however, need to go right up to the barrier.
  2. Remember that Griff doesn’t have a surplus of health. He is a medium-ranged, burst Brawler who will struggle against long-ranged Brawlers. Try to team up with Brawlers like Brock, Piper, Belle, etc.
  3. Griff’s Star Power, “Keep the Change,” reduces the unload speed of a salvo by 35% (attack travels faster), reducing it from 1.05 seconds to 0.68 seconds. This further increases his burst unload speed. It will help when you are fighting against tanks, but Griff will still be a target by them.
Using Griff’s Star Power in Hot Zone is very effective
  1. Griff and Belle have the potential to be the next Duo Showdown meta (my opinion readers!). Both of them can counter each other’s weakness – that is, attack range and combatting against tanks (using both their 1st Gadgets, i.e., Piggy Bank and Nest Egg). Try playing this combo and let me know what you think of it in the comments section below!
  2. Griff can protect his teammates in special events like Super City Ramage and Boss Fight. If you or your teammates are on low health and the boss is chasing them, use your “Piggy Bank” Gadget and rebuff the boss.

Did you get Griff in the Challenge event? If not, do you want to get him? Do let me know your thoughts and views in the comments below! See you in the next one.

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