Dominate with Mr. P! 12 Critical tips and strategies you should know.

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Mr. P is one of my favorite Brawlers in the game. He is pretty versatile with his pseudo–thrower attacks, launching a barrage of suitcases and porters on enemies. Although he struggles somewhat in close combat, Mr. P is a great controller and can easily dominate lanes. If you want to know how to swiftly reach rank 35 with him, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out 12 indispensable tips and strats in this Mr. P Brawl Stars guide.

Agent P Skin (30 Gems)
  1. Mr. P has a unique attack combination of both a sharpshooter’s projectiles as well as a throwers’ attack vector. Use this to fight enemies hiding behind walls, but do note his attack only hits enemies standing behind walls if it is 1 tile thick.
  2. Position his Super’s base, called Porters Attack, relatively in the middle of the map, preferably in a bush or behind a wall. This is convenient as his porters will have to cover less distance to reach opponents while the base is still being protected.
  3. Use his 2nd Gadget, Porter Reinforcements, to scout for enemies in all game modes. You can also use it as an escape strategy when you are low on health. Additionally, it can also be used to counter brawlers like Mortis as they will be tempted to waste their slow reloading ammo on a low-health porter.
Mr. P Porter Reinforcements Gadget
Porter Reinforcements Gadget
  1. In Bounty, choose Mr. P’s 2nd Star Power, Revolving Door, which reduces the porter’s respawn time to 1 second! (that’s pretty darn fast). This is useful as you will be able to launch barrage after barrage of porters as a shield and will be able to quickly defeat opponents to gain stars.
  2. In all other game modes, choose his 1st Star Power, Handle With Care, which makes his attacks explode even if they don’t hit an enemy. This is extremely advantageous to Mr. P as it increases his range. Furthermore, if you hit an enemy with your first attack, the suitcases’ 2nd bounce is likely to hit the enemy again if they are moving away from it.
  3. Mr. P is best suited for Gem Grab and Bounty. His porters act as a shield for teammates to hide behind. I prefer to not play him in Heist because of his low DPS compared to preferred brawlers like Colt, Bull, Dynamike, etc.
  4. Mr. P is extremely overpowered in the map Snake Prairie. Using his 2nd Star Power, you can spam porters to demolish opponents whilst revealing their location. Combined with Bo (2nd Gadget and 1st Star Power is a must) and Rosa/Tara/Amber, you will become an indestructible team.
  5. Mr. P’s 1st Gadget, Service Bell, buffs his current porter by increasing its damage by 150 and health by 1000. It also restores the health of the porter. In all the situations I have seen, this gadget isn’t really useful. The only use case I can think of is in Brawl Ball, where opponents will have to waste their ammo to defeat it. Ammo is extremely important in Brawl Ball considering the fact that you don’t spawn with full ammo now! (Released in the Jurassic Splash update!)
  6. On Showdown maps with a lot of walls like The Galaxy and Clash Colosseum, take advantage of the walls to double–bounce his suitcases. I recommend his 2nd Star Power to quickly respawn Porters as his 1st Star Power wouldn’t be as useful (on maps with a lot of walls).
Attacking opponents using the walls
  1. When you have already placed Mr. P’s Super base and its health is more than half and you recharged your Super again, don’t replace it. Instead, save it for sticky situations, i.e., capturing lanes while on low health or using it to escape from a Mortis!
  2. In Siege, when diving in to damage the IKE, place his base close to the IKE. It serves as a shield, giving you more time to land extra shots and allows the porters to deal a little damage. This is amplified with the Revolving Door Star Power, giving you an even better body shield by spawning porters quickly.
  3. In events like Boss Fight and Big Game, his porters form a meat shield for him, making it useful for teammates. If you’re the Big Brawler, the porters will also be buffed to deal more damage and have more health.
Mr. P in Big Game (and an old glitch with his porters!)

Thank you for reading this article. Do you think Mr. P needs a nerf/buff? (I think he needs a buff, his 2nd Gadget already got nerfed. A LOT). Let me know in the comments. See you next time!

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