Brawl Stars Lou Guide – 13 Advanced Strats!

by Not_Shreyas
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Lou doesn’t get that much time in the spotlight despite his packed stats and game-changing capabilities. Perhaps it is because of how his Super sometimes feels lackluster or how his Star Powers aren’t as strong as other characters. But, that’s a topic for a different time – now is the time to learn some basic and advanced Lou strategies to dominate your opponent and control the battlefield. In this Brawl Stars Lou guide, I will share with you the top 13 strategies and tips to consider and incorporate when playing him in your games.

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To start, I personally believe that Lou was built for Siege and Hot Zone…well, mostly Siege. That’s why my first 3 strategies are going to be related to annihilating opponents with him in Siege. Read on!

  1. In Seige, always try to save Lou’s super, Can-Do, for defending your IKE against the enemy bot. Place it at a distance from the IKE to stop the bot’s movement. Whether it’s a level 1 or a level 25 bot, you will be able to destroy it with ease
Lou Super on boss
Lou’s most important strategy
  1. Use his gadget, Ice Block, while standing in front of the bot to block its damage to the IKE for a little bit. You are invincible for 1 second when using the gadget!
  2. Choose his second Star Power, Supercool, when playing Siege. The bot will slowly get frozen, like from his Brain Freeze attack. Using this Star Power, you can really make sure it never reaches your IKE!

Now coming to other general strategies:

  1. In other game modes such as Gem Grab, Showdown (both Solo and Duo), I recommend his second Star Power, Hypothermia. Opponents lose up to 50% of their reload speed if hit by approximately 4 of his snow cones. This makes it close to very difficult to kill Lou with slow reload Brawlers like Mortis.
  2. In Hot Zone maps, aim his Super near the center of the zones. This makes opponents reluctant from entering the area and allows you to take control. Alternatively, you can aim it at the area beyond the Hot Zone so that it acts as a blockade to enemies. Refer to the 2 pictures below:
Aiming Lou's Super at the Zone
a) Aiming his Super at the zone
Lou's Super acts as a blockade
b) Aiming his Super at the area immediately ahead of the zone to trap enemies
  1. Apart from Siege and Hot zone, I suggest equipping his Second Star power in all other game modes as it will be more useful. In other game modes, enemies won’t be forced to stay in his Super since there is no role of area denial unlike in Siege and Hot Zone
  2. When playing Gem Grab, always try to target and stun the gem carrier. This makes them vulnerable to your team’s attacks, increasing the possibility of collecting the opponent team’s gems in one go
  3. Although Lou is a good Brawler, I don’t recommend him in Bounty or Heist because of his relatively low DPS and average range (compared to preferred Brawlers like Piper/ Leon/ Bea, etc.)
  4. When enemies get stuck in Lou’s Super, they will most likely try to get out of it by moving in the opposite direction – this makes their movement predictable. Also, the faster the enemy Brawler, the more they will struggle to change direction. Use this to your advantage against Brawlers like Stu, Edgar, or Max
  5. Lou performs extremely well in critical situations in Brawl Ball. You can stun the enemy right when they are about to score and make them drop the ball. The same can be done in Present Plunder (an exclusive game mode for those who don’t know it)
  6. Use Lou’s gadget, Ice Block, only against high damage shots, like those of Piper, Brock, Nani, etc. Use it wisely as you become immobile, unlike Tick’s invulnerability gadget (Last Hurrah). Note that it only lasts for 1 second!
Lou's gadget protects him for 1 second
Using the gadget for protecting yourself against a high DPS brawler like Bull
  1. In Solo Showdown, try to play conservatively instead of spamming shots. This is because if you have low health, you’ll want ammo so that you can quickly escape opponents by stunning them. Lou can also quickly stun brawlers who jump on you like Assassins, Primo, etc. You can combine his attacks with his Gadget in this case as well.
  2. Lou is pretty good in Boss Fight since you can stun the boss right when it’s about to release its deadly long-range projectiles or when it’s about to run into you.
Double Lous in Boss Fight
Double Lou in Boss Fight!

That about wraps up this quick guide! Be aware of these tips and tricks and try to implement them into your games. Let me know what strategies you use in the comments as well as whether or not you think Lou needs a buff/nerf/change. You can check out my Belle guide here to master the latest Chromatic Brawler. I’ll see you in the next one!

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