Deep Dive Into Brawl Stars Season 7’s (Jurassic Splash) 10 New Spectacular Gadgets!

by Not_Shreyas
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The much-awaited Jurassic Splash update is finally here with 10 new Gadgets! In this article, I will be doing a detailed analysis of each Gadget as well as tips for using them. Read on!

10 New Gadgets! Enjoy!
  1. Spike’s Gadget: “Life Plant”

Spike creates a large cactus with 3500 health to give him and his allies cover. Upon destruction, it bursts and heals all allies around it for 1000 health.”

I put this first since it’s my personal favorite. This Gadget is essentially a huge buff to Spike. He drops a cactus which acts as a meat shield against opponents and heals teammates for 1000 health upon destruction. There are endless use cases – whether you are diving in to destroy the IKE, running away on low health, or protecting the gem carrier, all of them act as compensation for Spike’s low health and slow reload speed. You can also use it as a wall in Solo Showdown when your health is low. Remember, instead of running away, stay near the cactus to get 1000 health. I am pretty sure this Gadget will be nerfed in the near future, so enjoy it while you can!

  1. Pam’s Gadget: “Scrapsucker”

“For Pam’s next attack, each hit on enemy brawlers removes 25% of their maximum ammo. Pam reclaims 50% of the stolen ammo to herself.”

Ahoy! Become a pirate and reclaim your precious stolen ammo using this Gadget! Scrapsucker is extremely useful after respawning in all game modes, particularly Brawl Ball, if you don’t have urgently needed ammo. Also, you can use it to protect the gem carrier in your team in Gem Grab. This Gadget can be fatal against Brawlers like Mortis who have slow reload speeds.

  1. Rico’s Gadget: “Bouncy Castle”

For the next basic attack, each time a projectile bounces, Rico will be healed for 300 health”

Rico’s next shot heals him for 300 per shot, whether it hits an enemy or not, effectively giving him 1500 health. You can use this anytime you are low on health to quickly heal up. Keep in mind that this will cancel the speed boost Rico gets from Robo Retreat if he goes above 40% health.

  1. Edgar’s Gadget: “Hardcore”

“Edgar gets a shield that blocks the next 2000 damage dealt with him. The shield gets weaker over time.”

Hardcore is an extremely useful Gadget to use at the beginning of matches. Let opponents waste their shots on your shield! Bear in mind that this shield gets weaker over time (as you can see in the picture), so only use in emergencies and in 1V1’s against high DPS Brawlers like Bull and Nani.

  1. Leon’s Gadget: ”Lollipop Drop”

“Leon drops his lollipop to create an invisibility area for him and his teammates”

Another beautiful Gadget added to the game. With this Gadget, Leon can hide his teammates in the lollipop area and still attack. Although this Gadget has a lot of utility, the addition does feel a little too powerful since it’s similar to Sandy’s Super. Moreover, if you position it strategically behind walls, you can get invisibility throughout the entire match, unlike Sandy’s Super. Combine this with Pam’s healing turret and 8 Bit’s damage Super and voila, you get an indestructible team.

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  1. Lou’s Gadget: “Cryo Syrup”

“All enemies in the Super area gets an extra 50% snow cone mark”

Use this Gadget if you have to quickly stun someone in your Super. You can also use it to repeatedly stun a high level bot in Siege, making Lou even more viable in that game mode. This gadget will also be pretty handy in those crazy community maps!

  1.  Sandy’s Gadget: “Sweet Dreams”

“Sandy’s next attack makes the opponent fall asleep for 1.5 seconds. They will however wake up from any damage.”

A very handy Gadget in Showdown and Brawl Ball. Now that you don’t respawn with full ammo in Brawl Ball (well, in all the game modes), you can quickly stun opponents that are about to score and get a breather. Remember that after the stun effect wears off, all the dealt damage will be undealt, so don’t waste your ammo!

  1. Gale’s Gadget: “Twister”

“Gale uses his leaf blower to create a local tornado, which will push away any enemy that tries to pass it.”

Another personal favorite, this was a much-needed Gadget, since Gale’s 1st Gadget was only useful in community maps. Use this if a Brawler like Edgar/El Primo suddenly jumps on you to push them away. Another great use case is to hold off attacks at map choke points. Remember that attacks will still be able to pass through the tornado!

  1. Stu’s Gadget: “Breakthrough”

“Stu’s next Super can bash through walls, making pieces of the wall fly at the enemies on the other side. Each piece deals 500 damage to opponents.”

Stu’s new Gadget can be considered as compensation for his big nerf (enemies now don’t get knocked back by his Super). At least with this Gadget, you can destroy walls that are in the way and damage opponents nearby.

  1. Col. Ruffs’ Gadget: “Air Support”

“Ruffs calls for air back up. It targets a large area at the closest enemy and deals 700 damage with each hit.”

This Gadget has quite a large area and lands comparatively faster than his Super. It can be particularly useful to devastate the Siege Bot and opponents in Siege. Or, you can use it to protect yourself and your low-health teammate in Duo Showdown. Think of this Gadget like multiple weaker meteor strikes from El Primo’s Gadget.

I hope you liked the article! Which Gadget needs a buff/nerf? Which Brawler do you think needs a new Gadget? Thanks for reading!

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