Squeak – A New Brawler Has Arrived in Brawl Stars!

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Squeak is the latest addition to Brawl Stars. He is a Mythic Brawler with moderate health that has incredible area denial. Read this quick Brawler guide to help you quickly grind Trophies for Squeak! (Or scroll down for 8 extremely useful tips!)


Main Attack:

His main attack is called “Sticky Blomb.” Squeak throws a medium-ranged ‘Blomb’ of goo which sticks to walls as well as enemies and explodes after a short delay. It has a range of 2.67 tiles and its damage ranges from 1000 at level 1 to 1400 at level 9. If appropriately aimed, squeak can stack his bombs on enemies, giving him a huge advantage over squishy Brawlers like Spike/Colt/Piper/Tick. Due to the splash attack and short explosion delay, Squeak is also excellent in area denial. It is important to note that his attack’s area damage does go through walls and other obstacles.

However, his relatively slow reload speed of 2.1 seconds makes him weaker against Brawlers like Edgar who can quickly jump on you.

Squeak’s main attack


Squeak’s health ranges from 3600 at level 1 to 5400 at level 9 which allows a more aggressive playstyle.


Squeak’s Super is called “Big Blob.” He throws what looks like his backpack which explodes into 6 smaller bombs. His Super can be thrown over walls as well, making it somewhat unique. Each bomb does 1000 damage at level 1 to 1400 at level 9. Although he can do a lot of damage with his Super, it usually spreads out over a wide area and takes time to explode, making it considerably easy to avoid. Therefore, timing and aiming it correctly is crucial.

Squeak’s Super


The 1st gadget is called “Windup.” It increases his main attacks range by 100%, making it very useful in wiping out brawlers that are low on health and further away.

Windup Gadget
PRO SQUEAK vs NOOB BRAWLERS // Brawl Stars Funny Moments & Fails & Win #387  - YouTube
Squeak catching enemies (meme)

Star Power:

Squeak’s first Star Power is called “Chain Reaction.” It increases the damage of his main attack by 10% for every enemy that is standing in its radius. This further encourages the opponent team to avoid grouping together.

Chain Reaction Star Power


“As Col. Ruff’s accidental creation, Squeak was born to play fetch!”.

Colonel Ruffs, a Chromatic Brawler, supposedly created Squeak. He drools all the time, his saliva makes his bombs of goo stick, and he is a cute-looking but vicious Brawler when it comes to killing.


8 Important Tips to play Squeak properly:

  1. DO NOT AUTO AIM his attacks. Squeak has significant attack delay, meaning most of your shots will miss if using Auto Aim. If you are used to auto-aiming with other Brawlers, spend some time practising in Starr Park. This will significantly improve your gameplay.
  2. Although Squeak has decent health, remember that HE IS NOT A TANK. Don’t rush in to collect Bolts or Gems like you would with Rosa/El Primo/Frank, etc. Instead, support your team’s tank by staying behind them.
  3. Squeak is EXCELLENT AT AREA DENIAL. Like Tick, his attack is very handy in Gem Grab/Seige/Brawl Ball as you can easily prevent the opponents from collecting Gems, Bolts, or the ball.
  4. His Gadget, Windup, is excellent at TARGETING DIFFERENT LANES. You can use it to support your teammates even if you are in your own fight. You can also use it to finish low health Brawlers that are running away!
2x Range is a MASSIVE increase
  1. Although his Super takes time to explode, all 6 bombs can deal damage together if a single opponent is present. This is very useful in Heist where you can deal up to 8400 DAMAGE TO THE SAFE at once!
  2. His main attack can also be used to DAMAGE ENEMIES BEHIND WALLS, as shown in the picture below. This is pretty cool in maps where there are many obstacles for enemies to hide behind.
Notice that Colette was hiding behind walls but Squeak’s attack still reached her.
  1. When playing Solo Showdown, keep in mind that Squeaks’ slow reload speed and attack delay make him vulnerable to long-ranged brawlers like Piper, Belle, or Brock as he doesn’t have any mechanism for escaping. You also have to watch out for bush-camping Brawlers that have a higher DPS than you.
  2. His Gadget can especially be handy in Bounty if you want to damage a Brawler standing far away. You can also use it to attack the IKE in Siege without having to go in.

Thank you for reading this quick guide on Squeak! Let me know if you’ve unlocked him down below and what you think of him. Have fun with the new Brawler!

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