Belle Cheat Sheet: Top 13 Tips & Strategies

by Not_Shreyas
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Chances are, you’ve already unlocked Belle and had fun (or not) playing her if you have the Brawl Pass. Belle is the latest Chromatic Brawler in Brawl Stars and can be unlocked by buying the Brawl Pass or from Brawl Boxes after reaching Tier 30. That being said, I know you’re dying to learn some tips and strategies to snipe your opponents with – well voila, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to know the top 13 must-know tips & strategies to dominate with Belle.

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Belle Goldhand – Exclusive BP Tier 70 Skin
  1. Always place Belle’s gadget in strategic positions to ensure that enemy brawlers hit it. Don’t place all the gadgets in one spot; spread them out. Refer to the pictures below.
Trap the bot in Siege by placing the gadget strategically
Place the gadget in enemy territory where opponents frequently pass through
  1. Belle’s attack, which is shooting a long-range electro-bolt, does consistent damage, unlike Piper or Bea. Furthermore, she also has one of the longest ranges in the game. Use this to continuously stack shots on opponents from a distance.
  2. Her shots repeatedly bounce of enemy brawlers. Use this to your advantage in modes like Brawl Ball and Duo Showdown where enemies tend to group together. Once the enemies get separated, use tanks/assassins like Frank/El Primo/Leon to finish the opponents.
  3. Always use your Super, Spotter, on tanks like El Primo/Frank/Rosa to quickly finish them from a distance. Don’t waste your Super on low-health brawlers unless it’s essential.
  4. You can also use your Super on bots in Siege/Robo Rumble/the bots in Duo Showdown. This will help you to eliminate them quickly.
  5. Use Belle’s gadget, Nest Egg, when you are running away or if an assassin like Edgar/Leon/Crow suddenly pops out on you. Remember to time it right.
  6. Belle’s second Star Power, Grounded, prevents opponents from reloading for 3 seconds. This is extremely useful to get out of sticky situations such as:
    1. Getting stuck with a tank following you or stunned/slowed down by Frank’s super/Jessie’s turret gadget, etc.
    2. If you are running away from assassins, as mentioned above.
Use the gadget if tanks are following you
  1. Her first Star Power, Positive Feedback, gives her a 25% shield whenever her shots hit enemies. But the duration for the shield is relatively little – only 3 seconds – so be aware of this before just charging in. Thus, try to play conservatively instead of spamming shots to ensure that your shield stays on for a longer period of time.
  2. Remember that Belle has very low health. Don’t rush in to collect bolts/gems in Siege or Gem Grab. Stay behind your tanks and support them – she is not useful when dead!
  3. Belle’s Super is very useful in special events like Boss Fight, Big Game, and Super City Rampage. You can use it to mark bosses and drastically increase your team’s damage against the boss.
Obliterate the Dino in Super City Rampage with Belle!
  1. Belle is also a good Brawler in the Duo Showdown Robot event. She can attack the robot if it’s following a Brawler and the attack keeps bouncing between the robot and the Brawler, which quickly finishes the opponent.
  2. In Duo Showdown, try choosing a Brawler with at least 4000+ health or an assassin since health isn’t her forte. Also, throwers should be sparingly picked since the combination doesn’t work in most cases.
  3. Lastly, here’s a tip if you are playing AGAINST Belle. If you get hit by her electro-bolt, DON’T GO NEAR YOUR TEAMMATES AS THEY WILL GET HIT BY THE AFTEREFFECTS TOO! Just stay away, please. 🙂


Anyways, that about wraps up these tips and tricks. Thanks for checking out my useful tips on Belle! Let me know if you’ve unlocked her down below and any interesting strategies you use. To read more guides, check out the “Guides” category either in the menu or the sidebar. Have fun with the latest Sharpshooter!

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