March 2021 Brawl Talk – Power League, Trophy Road Brawler, and Seasonal Rewards!

by Simply Pete

The March 2021 Brawl Talk has been released, and it’s looking like the next update is going to a big one. If you’d like to watch the Brawl Talk, click here to watch it on YouTube. Continue reading for the Brawl Talk summary.

New Trophy Road Brawler – STU

STU is a sentient, crash test robot, and is used to test attractions in Starr Park. However, as user studies have shown, people really like to see him crash, so he ended up being in a stunt show.

Main attack: STU shoots pyrotechnics from his fingertips, charging his Super with only one hit.

STU’s main attack

Super: The Super is a short-range, forward dash that leaves a trail of fire behind him and has a knockback.

STU’s Super

STU is free at 10,000 Trophies on the Trophy Road and is coming with a skin called Superstar STU, so if you aren’t there yet, continue grinding!

Superstar STU skin

PSG Cup 2021

In this new challenge, win games to earn Star Points and Tokens. Additionally, win 9 games to unlock PSG Mike. Watch out though, 4 losses and you’re out, although you have the opportunity to spend gems to get more tries.

PSG Mike skin

Power Play is being replaced with Power League

Power League is the new competitive Brawl Stars. The League consist of 19 tiers, going from Bronze 1 to Masters. For the first season of Power League, players are placed based on their highest Power Play season. You can only choose to solo queue or trio queue with a pre-made team. When playing solo, you are only playing with and against other solo players, while in trios, you are only playing against other pre-made teams of three.

Power League tiers/ranks

For each game, the Game Mode and Map will be randomly selected, and matches are best-of-three. After the Game Mode and Map have been randomly selected, each team chooses one Brawler to ban and then take turns picking a Brawler to play. Each Brawler can only be played once.

After each match, your progress is determined by how tough the opponents were. The tougher the opponents, the faster the progress.

Like Power Play, Star Points are awarded at the end of the season based on your rank. Additionally, there will be exclusive seasonal rewards such as Profile Icons and a skin purchase option. The first skin you can acquire is Smuggler Penny for 25,000 Star Points once you’ve unlocked the option in the season.

Smuggler Penny skin

Other than the first Power League season, each season lasts 10 weeks, with exclusive rewards every season.

Finally, Power League unlocks in the Trophy Road at 4,500 Trophies.

Other changes

  • Hot Zone and Siege are coming to the Map Maker later in March
  • Bibi is getting a skin called Bibilante
  • More Animated Pins
  • Plus Even More
Bibilante skin

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