All 8 New Brawl Stars Gadgets – An In-Depth Analysis

by Brawl News

All 8 new Brawl Stars Gadgets are here. With the Gadget cycle complete, it’s time to take a look at which of the new Gadgets are strong, weak, or just mediocre. In this post, I will be providing an in-depth analysis of the new Gadgets and giving you tips about how to use them, what their best modes are, and most importantly, how good they really are. Let’s go!

Poco – Protective Tunes

Poco’s new Gadget is called Protective Tunes. It removes all adverse effects from friendly Brawlers and provides a one-second immunity. Adverse effects are any effects that negatively affect a Brawler, such as Frank’s stun or any slow effect. This Gadget can be used to get out of sticky situations or save you/your teammate’s lives. For example, you can use it right before Frank uses his Super in order to prevent you and your teammates from getting stunned. This Gadget can be useful in every mode, but his first Gadget (heal-over-time) may be more useful in game modes such as Brawl Ball, Hot Zone, and Gem Grab, where control is key. Overall, Protective Tunes is A-Tier and is excellent at helping your team maintain control of a match.

Poco's 2nd Gadget
Poco’s 2nd Gadget

Tara – Support From Beyond

Tara’s new Gadget is called Support From Beyond. When activated, it spawns three weak shadows around her that attack enemies (like her first Star Power). However, note that the shadows disappear after 6 seconds. Each shadow does 500 damage per swipe and has 1000 health. Thus, the shadows are comparable to Mr. P’s porters – they aren’t overly threatening but can be extremely annoying. In these 6 seconds, the shades can do a maximum of 13,500 damage. With that being said, Support From Beyond can be extremely strong in Heist. If left unattended, Tara is able to take out the safe by herself in under 15 seconds – that’s absolutely INSANE! As such, I’m also categorizing Support From Beyond as an A-Tier Gadget and think that it is one of the most OP Gadgets in the game right now.

Tara's 2nd Gadget
Tara’s 2nd Gadget

Tick – Last Hurrah

Tick’s new Gadget is called Last Hurrah. It makes him invulnerable for 1 second before exploding and dealing 1,000 damage. Unfortunately, the explosion does not destroy walls, but it does knock back opponents. This ability can be advantageous in modes such as Brawl Ball where a knockback can cause the enemy to lose the ball, resulting in better control of the match or preventing goals. Additionally, this Gadget can be used in sticky situations, such as when you have a close-range brawler on you, by briefly making you invulnerable. Activating the ability will allow you to survive their attacks and then deal 1000 damage plus knock them back – this can come in clutch in many situations.

However, although the Gadget is good, it has a competitor: Tick’s first Gadget. Tick’s first Gadget allows you to dash away and leave a mine behind him that deals 700 damage. Tick’s Gadgets are pretty similar, but they do still have their own advantages. In all honestly, Tick’s Gadget choice comes down to preference and playstyle. When it comes down to game modes, Last Hurrah is strong in Showdown and Brawl Ball, but it is viable in any game mode. Overall, this new ability for Tick receives a B-Tier rating, but that doesn’t mean that this Gadget should be slept on.

Tick's 2nd Gadget
Tick’s 2nd Gadget

Mr. P – Porter Reinforcements

Mr. P’s new Gadget is called Porter Reinforcements. When activated, his next attack will spawn one single porter where the attack lands. If you are using Mr. P’s first Star Power, or if you hit an enemy, the porter will spawn after the attack lands the second time. What’s special about this Gadget is that it is stackable, which means that you can have all three porters down at once, which is extremely irritating to the enemy (although it’s pretty unlikely to have all three porters at once considering the Gadget cooldown). The best mode for this Gadget is Heist, Siege, and Showdown. When timed correctly, assuming Mr. P only uses Gadgets and main attacks, he can take out the Heist safe in just under 20 seconds, which is something you probably never imaged Mr. P could do. In both Siege and Showdown, Porter Reinforcements can provide valuable distraction or information about enemy locations. With that being said, Mr. P’s first Gadget – which heals and buffs his porters – is way more viable in other game modes, making Porter Reinforcements a B-Tier Gadget due to its limited viability in certain areas.

Mr. P's 2nd Gadget
Mr. P’s 2nd Gadget

Nani – Return To Sender

Nani’s new Gadget is called Return To Sender. The next time Nani takes damage after activating the ability, she will only take 20% of the damage; the other 80% of it will be dealt back to the attacker. If you play Minecraft, think of this Gadget like the thorns enchantment. It can be very useful in pretty much any mode and is great for surprising an enemy with some guaranteed damage. This returned shot cannot be avoided unless a spring trap is taken at exactly the right moment. Its best game modes are Bounty, Gem Grab, and Showdown, where eliminating opponents is most important, although it is very useful in all game modes. Compared to her other Gadget, Return To Sender is not as limited in terms of usability. The first Gadget, Warp Blast, is only useful when the super is active, and even then it’s only useful in some situations. Overall, Return To Sender is an A-Tier Gadget with a lot of useful traits along with it.

Nani's 2nd Gadget
Nani’s 2nd Gadget

Rosa – Unfriendly Bushes

Rosa’s new Gadget is called Unfriendly Bushes. When activated, everyone that is in a bush on the map receives 100 damage and is slowed for 3 seconds. It is a very simple and self-explanatory Gadget. It is good in any mode with bushes, but is also very good in Brawl Ball. Unfriendly Bushes has two uses: One is to slow enemies down to catch them or to run away from them, and the other is to reveal where the enemies are in the bushes. It is way more useful than the other gadget, which pretty much just spawns a 3×3 bush – her first Gadget is really only good if you have the Plant Life Star Power and if there are no other bushes around. Personally, though, I think that her first Gadget is one of the worst in the game. Overall, this new Gadget is way better than the first one, but is a B-Tier Gadget, for its limited usability (i.e. useless in overtime on Brawl Ball).

Rosa's 2nd Gadget
Rosa’s 2nd Gadget

Gene – Vengeful Spirits

Gene’s new Gadget is called Vengeful Spirits. He shoots homing missiles that attack all visible enemies in a large area: each missile deals a maximum of 800 damage. The DMG delt depends on the target’s distance from Gene (like Piper’s main attack). Although it is not a splash attack, it can still hit multiple enemies at a time (i.e. 3 homing missiles hits 3 enemies). It is most useful in picking off enemies who are far away and with low hp. The fact that it follows the enemy means that it is almost always a guaranteed hit unless blocked by a spawnable (bear, wall, etc.) or obstacle. Its best game mode is Bounty and Showdown because those modes focus a lot on eliminating enemies, which is this Gadget’s main purpose. Compared to Gene’s 1st Gadget, which pushes away enemies and heals himself, the 2nd Gadget is not as strong, although both serve their own purpose. Overall, Vengeful Spirits is an A-Tier Gadget, but the other Gadget is better for most situations.

Gene's 2nd Gadget
Gene’s 2nd Gadget

Frank – Irresistible Attraction

Frank’s new Gadget is called Irresistible Attraction. After activation, his next attack will pull in enemies if they are hit – just like his 1st Gadget, this is a GAME CHANGER for Frank. Frank’s one weakness is that he stops moving when attacking, allowing for enemies to run away from him. However, if he is now able to pull in enemies closer to him, he can easily eliminate them without them getting out of his range. Compared to his other Gadget, this one is useful whenever, whereas the first Gadget is mainly only useful if Frank is using his super, or if he has the ball in Brawl Ball. Additionally, some of the Brawlers’ abilities will actually cancel out Frank’s Super, even if he has his first Gadget active. With that being said, the new Gadget is useful in every mode, making it an S-Tier Gadget – I believe that it is one of the top Gadgets in the game.

Frank's 2nd Gadget
Frank’s 2nd Gadget

I hope you enjoyed reading this in-depth analysis on the 8 newest Gadgets in Brawl Stars. Do you agree with my opinions? How many of these Gadgets have you unlocked? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord server! Before heading into battle, take these suggestions into account, but don’t be afraid to try out something else. Have fun and KEEP BRAWLING!

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