Edgar: Decreased Super charge rate from 10 to 12 hits (-20%)

Byron: Decreased health from 2500 to 2400 (-4%)
Decreased attack damage from 400 to 380 (-5%)

Jessie: Decreased attack damage from 1120 to 1060 (-5.4%)

Bo: Super Totem gets weaker the more it charges a super. The first Super charge is at full speed. Afterward charges 1% less per second until the totem reaches a 50% reduced charging rate. This effect is tracked individually per player.

Bea: Rattled Hive Bee count increased from 3 to 4 (+33%). Rattled Hive Bess now stop at the first target hit. Rattled Hive Bees max damage decreased from 800 to 600 (-25%). Fly pattern changed slightly to move slower and cover less area.

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