What’s Your Brawl Stars Account Worth? Find Out With Our Brand New Tool!

by Simply Pete

Have you ever wondered how much your Brawl Stars account is worth? Well, now you can stop wondering and start seeing. Introducing Brawl Stars Daily’s new tool: What’s Your Account Worth?

Disclaimer: This tool is intended for entertainment purposes only. You may not use this tool with the intent to buy or sell accounts. Buying and selling accounts are against Supercell’s TOS and Safe and Fair Play Policy.

Brawl Stars account worth calculator

We’re very excited to launch our brand new tool for you to use! What’s Your Account Worth (yes, that’s the name of the tool) is very simple and straightforward to use – all you have to do is enter your Brawl Stars information (Trophy count, Brawler count, etc.) and scratch the exciting scratcher to reveal how much your account is worth!


Due to the plethora of skins and the different currencies used to purchase them, having you select each one individually would be inefficient and time-consuming. Thus, you will have to find out how much your skins are worth and add them to the appropriate input fields (i.e. True Silver Emz is 10,000 Coins – therefore you add 10,000 to your total Coins under Resources).

Reveal your account worth with the scratcher

This exciting new scratcher feature we’ve implemented works great on both mobile and PC. I recommend trying it out on a computer at least once, though, as there is a nice added touch to it.

Scratch the ticket to reveal your account worth after entering all your information above! The scratcher will be reset every time you adjust an input value.

How is your Brawl Stars account worth calculated?

If you’re interested in how we came to your account’s worth, we’ve got you covered in this section. Depending on when you read this post, the way we calculate an account’s worth may be different than what’s in the picture below. However, the most updated version will always be on the tool’s page.

How your account worth is calculated
  1. Total Trophies – The more Trophies you have, the higher your account is worth. As the Trophy count increases, each Trophy is worth more. Each Trophy loses value as the number of Brawlers in the game increases. There are some big numbers behind the scenes that we won’t list here.
  2. Brawler counts –
    1. Trophy Road – The more Trophy Road Brawlers you have, the more each is worth. For example, if you have 1 Brawler, it’s worth (random number) $1. If you have two, now they’re both worth more (i.e. $2).
    2. All other rarities – A Brawler’s worth is calculated based on its purchase price (# of gems) in the Shop.
  3. Collectibles –
    1. Star Powers – Each Star Power is worth 2,000 Coins.
    2. Gadgets – Each Gadget is worth 1,000 Coins.
  4. Resources –
    1. Star Points – The value of Star Points is calculated based on the 1,500 Star Points Mega Box deal that appears at the end of each season. Mega Boxes normally cost 80 Gems in the Shop.
    2. Coins – The value of Coins is calculated based on the 280 Gems for 2,600 Coins Coin Pack in the Shop.
    3. Gems – The value of Gems is calculated based on the “Popular” Gem Pack ($9.99 for 170 Gems) in the Shop.

Obviously, some calculations/conversions are simply estimates or averages, so other calculators (if any other ones exist) might give different values.

Where can I find this tool?

Like all other tools, you can go to our Brawl Tools page or access the tool in the top menu under Brawl Tools. Additionally, you can access the tool directly with its link: https://brawlstarsdaily.com/whats-your-account-worth/.

We hope you enjoy this new tool! If you have any ideas for new tools or modifications to this tool, please shoot us an email – all input is appreciated. Join our Discord server to keep up to date with all our new features and announcements. In addition, you can join our email list(s) to receive exclusive emails and post notifications. Have fun everyone!

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