Colonel Ruffs: What You Need to Know!

by Brawl News

Brawl Stars Season 5: Starr Force will be arriving shortly with the newest addition to the Brawler team coming from space: Colonel Ruffs. You can obtain him by reaching level 30 in the Brawl Pass or find him in Brawl Boxes after reaching tier 30 of the free pass. That being said, why not get ahead of the competition and take a look at his stats, Star Power, and Gadget? In addition, I’ll give you my thoughts as to whether or not he’s good as well as which game modes he should excel in.

Colonel Ruffs – Stats

For starters, let’s briefly go over his main stats. Colonel Ruffs’ main attack shoots out two bullets that ricochet like Rico’s main attack. Each bullet does 700 damage which totals 1400 damage if both projectiles hit. Colonel Ruffs’ health is maxed out at 4200 (LVL 9) and his Super deals 1680 damage (LVL 9) and applies a knockback similar to Surge’s Super. In addition, his Super also spawns a “power cube” that gives a 20% damage buff and a 700 health buff until death when picked up by allies.

Colonel Ruffs attack and Super
Colonel Ruffs attack and Super

Star Power and Gadget

Colonel Ruffs’ Star Power adds an extra 1000 damage towards his Super damage, totaling 2680 damage which can be great for killing weak enemies and can save yourself if played right. His Gadget is the first of its kind – it creates three sandbags around him that each have 2000 health, allowing him to shield himself and his teammates. Note that Colonel Ruffs and his teammates can shoot through the bags while they’re active.

Extra Info

Colonel Ruffs has a normal movement speed, has a 2/5 rating in both Offense and Defense, and has a 5/5 rating in Utility. Thus, he should perform well as a control Brawler that can support teammates and maintain area control at a distance. His main attack is named Double Barrel Lazer while his Super is called Supply Drop; his current Gadget is called Take Cover and the current Star Power is called Air Superiority.

Colonel Ruffs default
Colonel Ruffs


Judging by his overview, Colonel Ruffs’ best game modes will be Gem Grab, Hot Zone, Brawl Ball, and Showdown. His Super allows for area control which is essential in Gem Grab and Hotzone while his range and “power cube” are great in Brawl Ball and Showdown. Also, the fact that his Super’s boost lasts until you die is perfect for Solo or Duo Showdown players.

Since Colonel Ruffs has relatively low health and medium range with average damage, he would have a hard time killing enemies in Bounty and Siege, but his area control could prove useful to the team.

Final Analysis

To conclude, Colonel Ruffs is checking out to be an all-around good Brawler. His mechanics are unique and provide him and his teammates with many advantages over the opponent. Overall, I estimate that he will be an A-tier Brawler, but in certain situations, he may be S-tier. The simple fact that he provides boosts for his team makes him an extremely useful asset. I hope you all enjoyed this analysis and would love to hear your thoughts below or in our Discord server! Good luck and keep Brawling everyone.

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