Brawlidays 2020’s Brawl Talk is here with a FREE Brawler, skins, and more!

by TheAlmightybro

Brawl Stars’ Brawlidays 2020 update is just around the corner with a new episode of Brawl Talk – this time, we’re getting new skins, environments, free gifts, 2 new Brawlers (one of them is free!), and more. Let’s get right into the recap of the Brawlidays Brawl Talk, shall we?

50+ balance changes are coming in this update, check them out here.

If you haven’t watched the December Brawl Talk yet, you can watch it below:

Brawlidays 2020 Brawl Talk

2 New Brawlers

This holiday season, the Brawl Stars team is blessing players with not one, but two new Brawlers to unlock.

Byron – Mythic

Byron is a new Mythic Brawler that will be available to unlock or (most likely) purchase the day after the update.

Mythic Brawler Byron
Mythic Brawler Byron

Attack – Byron’s attack either deals damage-over-time to enemies or heals allies. At level 10, his attack deals 560 DMG/tick to enemies or heals allies for 560 HP/tick. Each attack deals 3 ticks (works like Crow’s poison) which add up to 1680 DMG/Heal per shot.

Byron's attack
Byron’s attack

In addition, Byron’s attack does not go through enemies (unlike Penny).

Super – Byron’s Super throws a vial that deals 2100 DMG (level 10) or heals 2100 HP in a radius similar to Barley’s attack.

Byron's Super
Byron’s Super

His Star Powers and Gadgets were not revealed in the Brawl Talk.

Edgar – Epic (FREE!)

The second new Brawler is Edgar…which everyone can unlock for free. Everyone can unlock Edgar on day 8 of Brawliday gifts (more info later). If you don’t collect Edgar on day 8 of Brawlidays, however, you can still unlock him with Gems or find him in Boxes.

New Brawler Edgar
New Brawler Edgar

Attack Edgar in general is very similar to El Primo. He is a melee character with faster movement speeds but lesser health. His attack uses his scarf to hit enemies at a close range dealing 756 DMG per hit (2 hits/shot = up to 1512 DMG per shot) at level 10. However, since he has relatively low health (4200 at level 10), he also gains 189 health per hit (2 hits/shot = up to 378 health per shot) at level 10. The healing per hit scales with Power Cubes.

Edgar's attack
Edgar’s attack

Super – Edgar’s Super, like Darryl, charges by itself and by damaging opponents. His Super leaps into the air and but deals damage (unless you have his first Star Power). However, the Super does not appear to deal knockback to enemies hit within its radius.

Edgar's Super
Edgar’s Super

His first Star Power deals 1000 damage to surrounding opponents when he uses his Super. Edgar’s 2nd Star Powers and Gadgets were not revealed in the Brawl Talk.

New Skins

It’s holiday season! So there’s no surprise that we’re getting some sweet Brawliday Brawler skins. Unfortunately, the prices were not revealed in the Brawl Talk.

Snowman Tick

Snowman Tick skin
Snowman Tick skin

Holiday Party Frank

Holiday Party Frank skin
Holiday Party Frank skin

Nutcracker Gale – from Supercell Make

Nutcracker Gale skin
Nutcracker Gale skin

Warrior Bo – obtainable through a challenge. More on this later.

Warrior Bo skin
Warrior Bo skin

5 New True Silver + Gold Skins

The new True Silver (10,000 Coins) and True Gold (25,000 Coins) are for:

  • Darryl
  • Crow
  • Jessie
  • Tara
  • Tick

Duo Showdown Challenge

The first ever in-game Duo Showdown Challenge will be arriving in January. You can play with a friends or with a random and progress through the tiers. You get Coins and Power Points for wins 1-11 and get Warrior Bo for free at 12 wins before it’s available in the Shop. How awesome is that?

Duo Showdown Challenge
Duo Showdown Challenge

If you don’t manage to get 12 wins in the challenge, Warrior Bo will be available in the Shop 1 week later (price unknown).

Game Mode Changes


The game mode Bounty is getting a slight revamp to prevent any ties. The regular star in the center of the map in the game currently will be replaced with a new blue star. This blue star does not give the team who collects it an additional point as the current star does; instead, the team who holds it at the end of a tied match (i.e. 20-20) wins.

Bounty blue star
Bounty blue star

Be careful though, as the blue star can be dropped! If the player with the star dies, the enemy team gets it (it’s unclear whether or not it’s dropped like a gem in Gem Grab or if the star goes automatically to the player who killed you).

Gem Grab

The game now ends around 30 seconds after the last gem has spawned. No more insanely long matches guys.


Siege’s environment will be changed to Pam’s Scrap Yard.

Pam's Scrap Yard
Pam’s Scrap Yard

Present Plunder is back!

Present Plunder is back
Present Plunder is back

Although…I think it’s just for the holiday season again.

Brawlidays Gifts

To help celebrate Brawlidays, Brawl Stars will also be giving a gift to players every day for 13 days. The gifts start from Dec. 12th through Dec. 24th. You must log in daily to collect them from the Shop: if you miss them you miss them.
The gifts are as follows:

  • Day 1 – Mega Box
  • Day 2 – Coins (originally Power Points in Brawl Talk video
  • Day 3 – Token Doubler
  • Day 4 – Big Box
  • Day 5 – Power Points
  • Day 6 – Token Doubler
  • Day 7 – Mega Box
  • Day 8 – New Brawler Edgar
  • Day 9 – Token Doubler
  • Day 10 – Pin or Pins
  • Day 11 – Power Points
  • Day 12 – Token Doubler
  • Day 13 – Brock skin (either his old model or a remodel of his old model)

You can also check out Coach Cory’s Reddit graphic here.


8 new Animated Pins will be coming in the update.

Animated Pins
Animated Pins

Trophy seasons now last 4 weeks (instead of 2) and have less Trophy decay (woop!).

Trophy Season rework
Trophy Season rework

That’s all for the Brawlidays 2020 Brawl Talk.

Are you guys excited for the update? Be sure to grab Edgar on day 8 of gifts and the Brock skin on day 13! Stay brawlin’ folks, and happy Brawlidays.

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