Brawl Stars Daily: Redesigned

by TheAlmightybro

Hey there, it’s been a while since our last post. No, we didn’t go anywhere. Rather, we gave Brawl Stars Daily an upgrade with a….redesign! That’s right, over the past few weeks, we’ve been redesigning nearly every aspect of our website including our pages, logo, and connected third-party apps. In addition, we took advantage of the redesign to clean the backend for smoother experiences and also squash some bugs. This website update is a huge step for us and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

In this update post, I’ll go over all the significant changes we’ve made to our website along with some future plans. Before I start, I just wanted to thank each and every one of our readers for following us on this journey and for your ongoing support! We would never be here without you.


In this update, we’ve redesigned nearly every page of our website to give you a better experience. Here’s what we changed.


Ok, this one was a no brainer. Our homepage was long overdue for a redesign (we mentioned this in our last update post) as the previous one was confusing, convoluted, and in some cases buggy. Well voila, we scrapped our old homepage and created a brand new one. Take a look at the screenshot below or just visit the homepage and take a look for yourself!

  • BSD homepage picture 1
  • BSD homepage picture 2
  • BSD homepage picture 3

We hope you enjoy the new homepage as much as we do! Here’s a brief rundown:

Featured Posts

Unlike our previous Recent Posts slider, we’ve decided to split the main section of our homepage into two columns this time around. The Featured Posts area contains a slider with 3 of the most recent “featured” posts. Featured posts are articles that we feel are either important, trending, or otherwise newsworthy.

Quick News

The new Quick News section contains short and brief news about the game and our website. These posts are often just a few sentences long and don’t require much detail. In fact, some news segments may just be the title. We hope you like this new feature to get the latest news without having to read long articles.

Recent Posts

This section is very similar to our old “recent posts” section: not much has changed except for the layout. Our old corresponding section had many visual glitches at times that we hope have been eliminated with this new layout. In short, this section displays our 4 most recent posts (these do not include articles under Featured Posts or Quick News, so you don’t have to worry about any repetitive content like our old layout had).

Game Updates and News

The Game Updates and News section contains a slider which displays a total of 6 (3 slides with 2 posts per slide) most recent articles addressing official game updates and news. Unlike the snippets under Quick News, these posts will contain more content and address larger announcements and developments.

Category Columns

This set of columns displays our most recent posts in two specific categories: Brawler Guides and Game Mode Guides. Note that these categories may or may not change in the future.

Brawler Basics

If you’re an OG reader of Brawl Stars Daily before this redesign, then you may have seen our Brawler Basics posts before. Well, we’ve decided to rethink how we want to approach Brawler Basics to better fit our goals. At its core, we wanted Brawler Basics to be a series that gave players new to a Brawler a boost by giving them some key Brawler stats and tips. We have decided that we would now display all of a Brawler’s stats in easy-to-read tables and provide some beginner tips to help new players get started. We plan to keep these pages consistently updated for the most recent stats.

BSD Brawler Basics page
Please note that the page design is subject to change and the values in the above tables may not all be accurate at this time.

That being said, we’ve temporarily removed all of our previous Brawler Basics posts as we work on developing our new Brawler Basics pages. Our first Brawler Basics page for Shelly should come out shortly, so stay tuned!

Brawl Tools

Finally, at the bottom of the homepage, we have our new Brawl Tools button. If you don’t know what Brawl Tools are…well…click on the button and take a look! Take advantage of our tools and any partner tools to enhance your Brawl Stars experience.

Brawl Tools Button
Brawl Tools button


We’ve updated our sidebar to display different content from our original sidebar. Our redesigned sidebar includes (from top to bottom order): search bar, categories dropdown, trending posts, our email lists, and blog archives.

Brawl Tools Page

Our Brawl Tools page was given a complete makeover! Take a look at our beautiful new Brawl Tools page and try out some of the tools to make your Brawl Stars experience unique.

Brawl Tools page preview
Brawl Tools page preview

Oh, and did I mention that they’re free to use? We’re constantly updating our tools and create new tools to improve your experience. Let us know your thoughts or suggestions by shooting us an email!

P.S. A new tool is coming soon!

Other Page Redesigns

  • Partners & Partnerships – We have decided to remove the Partnerships page from the menu and have instead linked to it on our Partners page. In addition, the Partnerships page has been updated.
  • About Us – Simple, fresh, and informative. Let’s just say our old page wasn’t very appealing. In addition, we’ve added a new Assets section on the page which contains our downloadable logos and colors.
  • Meet the Team – We’re currently working on redesigning this page, so I can’t show you a preview of it yet, but you’ll get to meet the team soon.

Our Logo

Besides our homepage redesign, perhaps the biggest change in our redesign is our brand new Brawl Stars Daily logo.

BSD Logo
Old BSD logo
BrawlStarsDaily logo
New BSD logo

Our new logo has been simplified and resembles the shape of a bullet (as if you couldn’t tell :)). We hope you like our new logo!

BTW, we actually announced this change almost 3 weeks ago in our Discord server! You should totally join it.

Email Lists

In addition to revamping our pages, we’ve also changed our email service to provide you cleaner, more aesthetic emails. In addition, you can now choose between two email lists to join: Post Notifications and our Newsletter.

Post Notifications: Get an email notification whenever we publish a new post – never miss an article again.

Newsletter: Get special emails from us addressing site updates, events, and more. If you want special insight into BSD, I suggest you join this email list. Oh, and rest assured, you will not receive spam from us.

Email list preview
Email list preview

You can join our email lists via the sidebar.

Other Changes

  • The menu has been updated for better accessibility.
  • The footer has been updated to include our Discord link, our social links, a donation button, and a navigator.
  • The website background has been changed to white. Easy on the eyes, clean, and bold.

Discord Updates

We have or plan to implement new features to our Discord server, so make sure you join the fun (! That being said, we’ll be announcing our Discord changes in our server, not on this blog.

In addition, depending on when you’re reading this, we’re currently running a giveaway on our server – don’t miss it!

Future Goals

You’ve just read through our updates with our website redesign: what does our future look like? Well, while we cannot give any guarantees at the moment, we can give you some of our goals:

  • Host exclusive events
  • Add user accounts for personalization
  • Introduce a premium version of Brawl Stars Daily with exclusive features
  • Expand our Discord server to include unique bots, rewards, and events.
  • Partner with influencers and content creators to provide you a wide variety of content
  • Create and improve on our Brawl Tools
  • And more…

We can’t wait to see how Brawl Stars Daily continues to grow!

Brawl Stars smiling emoji


Thank you for taking the time to read through our redesign notes. As you can see, lots have changed in the past few months. We truly hope you like the new look of the pages and continue to support us as you have in the past. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and interact with our community. Stay updated by joining our mailing lists and Discord server!

Remember to stay safe in this crazy world, adios!

Note: some assets in the featured image were created by iconicbestiary –

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