This is what happens when you get 15 wins in the Championship Challenge

by Simply Pete

Getting 15 wins before 4 losses to beat the monthly Championship Challenge is no easy task and a great accomplishment. However, not everyone can beat the challenge, and many of those who have beat it don’t know what to do next. Here’s what happens when you get 15 wins in the Brawl Stars Championship Challenge.

The first message you are greeted with after getting 15 wins is as follows:


Congratulations! You are eligible for the next stage in the Brawl Stars Championship. Check out your inbox for more info.

Championship Challenge 1

After going back to the home screen, you will see that you have a new notification in your inbox.

Championship Challenge 2

Once you click the VIEW button, a popup that congratulates you once again comes out.

Championship Challenge 3

Following the instructions, qualifiers will go to to register for the next phase of the championship.

Championship Challenge 4

Once on the website, follow the instructions exactly to ensure that you can play in the next championship stage.

Step 1: Complete the registration process and connect your Supercell ID. Connecting your Supercell ID is the only way for the system to very that your account completed the 15 wins challenge, so be sure to create an ID if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: After registering and connecting, go to this page and create your team. If you are the first person on your team to do this, send your friends (they must also have qualified) the invite link so they can join the team.

Step 3: Join your region’s qualifier and wait for the next phase of the championship to begin!

That’s pretty much it! If you would like to read the rules for the next qualifiers, you can check them out here. Additionally, it is recommended that you join the official ESL Brawl Stars Discord server so you don’t miss any important announcements.

If you’ve already gotten 15 wins before, congratulations! If you haven’t, good luck next month!

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