March Brawl Talk: Gadgets, New Brawlers, and More

by TheAlmightybro

A new Brawl Talk is out and teased a brand new wave of features and additions, including gadgets, two new Brawlers, remodels, skins, and more! If you haven’t watched the Brawl talk yet, you can watch it below.


Gadgets are unique abilities that can be unlocked for every Brawler. They will be unlockable once the Brawler reaches power level 7 and can be obtained through boxes or the Shop. In addition, they are slightly more common than Star Powers, meaning they are easier to unlock (and hopefully cheaper!).

Unlike Star Powers, however, gadgets may only be used a certain amount of times per match (my guess is 3 times per round).

Dynamike's gadget
Dynamike’s gadget

I won’t go through the gadgets showcased in the Brawl Talk here, but you can watch Coach Cory’s video about it here.

New Brawler Jacky

Jacky is a new Super Rare Brawler that is coming with the update. There are actually two new Brawlers coming before the next update, but the next one won’t be released until sometime in April.

Jacky’s attack uses a jackhammer that deals damage in a radius around her (similar to Emz’s Super). The radius of the attack is comparable to El Primo’s range. She deals 1840 damage at level 10 but seems to deal less damage to the second Brawler in her range. In other words, if there is only one enemy Brawler in her range, she will deal 1840 damage to that opponent; if a second enemy Brawler gets into her range, Jacky will only deal 1420 damage to that second Brawler. Although the Brawl Talk doesn’t show it, I’m assuming this damage reduction applies to the third enemy Brawler as well.

Jacky's attack
Jacky’s attack

Because Jacky is a melee Brawler, she has a considerable amount of health (7700 at level 10). Her Super is a vortex centered around her that drags enemy Brawlers towards her and deals a good amount of damage to them.

Jacky's Super
Jacky’s Super

8 New Skins

  • Mascot Darryl
  • 2 new Star Point skins
  • College Emz
  • Dark Bunny Penny
  • PSG Shelly – Shelly’s skin can be unlocked for free by beating the PSG Cup, which works like the Championship Challenge but only with Brawl Ball maps. Furthermore, you only need to win 9 times before 4 losses to win.

The following skins are coming in April:

  • Coach Mike
  • Horus Bo
  • Tanuki Jessie


  • Tickets will no longer be in the game, so use them while you still can (they did not mention if leftover tickets would automatically be exchanged for gems/coins/Star Points or not).
  • Underdog matchmaking system – This new addition to matchmaking helps to balance outliers (that one 700 trophy Brawler playing with two 400 trophy Brawlers) and makes rewards fairer. To learn more about the Underdog system, you can read their Reddit post here.
  • Darryl remodel
  • New and reworked environments
  • Another Brawler (no name yet) will be released in April.

What do you think of the upcoming update? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Discord server. Stay tuned for the update in a few days!

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