2020 Website Update – New Features, Changes, and More!

by TheAlmightybro

Before we start, I just wanted to thank you all who have stuck with us for the past 6 months – we wouldn’t be here without you! We are constantly working on publishing articles, adding new features, and improving user experience. That being said, we have some big changes coming to Brawl Stars Daily and plans for the rest of 2020, some of which have already been released or are about to be released! Stick around and see what we have in store for you.

What’s Already Here

First off, let me focus on the changes and features that we’ve already implemented in the past few weeks. You may or may not have already taken advantage of these new features – we’ll see!

Website Translation

About a month ago, we implemented GTranslate, a translation plugin that automatically translates the website content to whichever language you choose. Currently, you can choose from Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. We will add more languages if we get enough requests or deem it beneficial based on geographical stats.

You can try this out by selecting a language from the dropdown on the bottom left that reads “Select Language.”

Translation demonstration GIF
Translation demonstration

Once you choose the desired language, all the text on the page will automatically translate itself, so there’s no need to refresh the page! Cool, right?

Random Brawler and Star Power Generator

That’s right! There is a new tool now available on Brawl Stars Daily aimed at making your Brawl Stars experience even better. With our new Random Brawler Generator, you can generate anywhere from 1 to 10 Brawlers at once with multiple customization options. For instance, you can allow repeated Brawlers, randomly generate Star Powers, and exclude any Brawlers from the generator that you want. Yes, we realize that you can do this by hand, but with this tool, you can get truly random choices curated to your liking in a matter of seconds!

Random Generator demonstration
Random Generator demonstration

You can find the tool under Brawl Tools → Random Brawler Generator, accessible either from the main menu or the sidebar button.

What’s New

NEW Brawl Tools Page

Introducing our brand new Brawl Tools page, where all of our and our partners’ tools are located. This way, all of your favorite Brawl Stars tools including our recently released random generator tool are organized on one page for convenience! You can find the new Brawl Tools page by either clicking on the Brawl Tools menu item or clicking the Brawl Tools button located on the website’s sidebar.

Brawl Tools page demo
Brawl Tools page

We hope you like this new addition and find the collection of tools useful. If you have any suggestions for the page or the tools, don’t hesitate to contact us, your help is greatly appreciated!

NEW Partners Program

We are proud to be announcing our new Partners program! Our new program offers many more benefits and perks and is open to a variety of influencers and individuals. Furthermore, the partnership page has been completely redesigned – check it out here!

New Partnership page
New Partnership page

Whether you are a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, website owner, Discord owner, event organizer, or something else, we are excited to partner with you! Our partners can enjoy perks such as exclusive recognition on our website and Discord, early access to features, and can even get their own Brawl Stars Daily subdomain*!

For more information on our Partners program and how you can join, please visit the new partnerships page.

*Restrictions apply. Not everyone is eligible to get a subdomain.

NEW Partners Page

In addition to our new Partners program, we’ve created a brand new Partners page to showcase all of our lovely collaborators! This is pretty self-explanatory, so I don’t need to say much here.

New Partners page
New Partners page

Take a look at our amazing partners who help make Brawl Stars Daily the best it can be.

Other Changes

Menu Changes

We adjusted our menu to better fit our needs and improve your overall experience. There is now a new “Brawl Tools” tab that contains all of our tools along with Brawland’s player stats checker. This way the menu won’t get cluttered as we continue adding new tools and features.

In addition, the “Advertise/Become A Partner” and “Contributors” menu items under the “About Us” tab have been changed to “Partnerships” and “Partners.”

Sidebar Changes

The sidebar has been updated to feel a little less cluttered and prevent it from getting spammed when we publish new tools. Instead of having buttons linking to our separate tools, there is now one button that leads you to our Brawl Tools page, where all of our tools are listed.

What’s Coming Soon

A Redesigned Home Page

Not a big surprise here – we are working on a new design for our home page. We created this home page back when we switched from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, so it’s been quite some time.

We’ve noticed that the top post carousel and the “Recent Posts” section may confuse some visitors since the three most recent posts are actually in the carousel and not the “Recent Posts” section. Thus, we are working to resolve this confusion and create a home page that is much more intuitive and visually appealing.

In addition to the issue I mentioned above, we will be taking into account other QoL changes to help with user experience when we redesign our home page. Unfortunately, we do not have a plan as to when the redesigned home page will be released, but you can subscribe to our newsletter (you can find this in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page) or join our Discord server to get notified once it goes live.

Discord Improvements

In addition to our website changes, we are also working on improving our Discord server in ways such as:

  • Custom roles for post notifications and colors
  • Achievement roles
  • New and modified channels
  • And others

Some of these additions are already ready to be launched, but we are still working on other changes as well. Once they are finished, the server revamps will be launched all at once.


That’s it for this update post! Please let us know how you feel about our current and new features and feel free to leave any feedback on our Discord server. We have some exciting things planned for the rest of the year, so while you’re “trapped” in your home, make sure to check back every once in a while. If you have any suggestions, let us know as well!

Anyways, we couldn’t do this without you, so once again, thank you for your ongoing support. We hope to provide you the best posts we can and that wouldn’t be possible without our audience. Enjoy what’s here and stay tuned for what’s coming later. We’ll see you soon!

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