Showdown Breakdown: Cavern Churn

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Welcome to the first post in Brawl Stars Daily’s Showdown Breakdown series. For each post in this series, we will focus on a specific Showdown map, covering tips and tricks and the best Brawlers to use on specific maps. Please use this guide and other guides in this series to help you create game-winning team comps and strategies for Solo and Duo Showdown.

In this guide, we will focus on Cavern Churn, a unique map in the Showdown rotation that features many walls for cover and a large center bush area. The center bush area provides tanks and heavy-hitters cover that allows them to sneak up on other Brawlers while the outskirts allow throwers to utilize the many walls to destroy competition.

Update: Cavern Churn was revamped, which added the Meteor Rush modifier and changed the map to night mode. While the selected Brawlers for this map are still favorites, the modifier has made it possible for many other Brawlers to find success. 

The best Brawlers for Cavern Churn:

Brawler Breakdown and Strategy


Shelly Brawler

When playing as Shelly, you should charge up your Super as much as you can before entering the center bush area. This allows you to have your Super ready or close to being ready for any close encounters with other Brawlers. However, if you are being targeted by a thrower, it is best to run away instead of contesting it.

Tip: Keep your finger over the Super button when you are in the center bush area. This allows you to react quickly when an opponent emerges from the bushes.

Shelly’s Star Powers

  • Shell Shock: Shelly’s Super shells slow down enemies for 3.0 seconds!
  • Band-Aid: When Shelly falls below 40% health, she instantly heals for 1800 health. Band-Aid recharges in 20.0 seconds.

Best Star Power for this map: Band-Aid — Cavern Churn is all about survivability. Band-Aid allows you to survive encounters with Bulls and other tanks more easily.


Bull Brawler

Bull has a high damage per second (DPS) but a short-range, so it is critical to get as close to other Brawlers as possible. Additionally, it is best to avoid confrontation outside the center and move into the center bush area. Unless you spawn close to some boxes, you should avoid searching for them and go straight towards the center. This allows you to get into the center early and prey on many unexpecting enemies. Only use your Super when necessary (for example when running away from a Shelly’s Super) since by destroying walls, it is much more difficult for Bull to get close to other Brawlers.

Bull’s Star Powers

  • Berserker: When Bull falls below 40% health, his reload speed doubles!
  • Tough Guy: When Bull falls below 40% health, he gains a shield that reduces all damage taken by 30%.

Best Star Power for this map: Tough Guy — The addition of a shield allows you to survive encounters with other Brawlers more easily.


Rico Brawler

Rico is best when used outside of the center bush area. Avoid close confrontations and use the walls to bounce your shots. Explore the outside corners of the maps for boxes. When Rico’s Super is fully charged, stand by one of the entrances to the center bush area and bounce your shots off the walls to attack Brawlers in the center.

Rico’s Star Powers

  • Super Bouncy: Rico’s bullets, from attack and Super alike, get supercharged by their first bounce and deal +100 damage!
  • Robo Retreat: When Rico falls below 40% health, he runs 34% faster.

Best Star Power for this map: Super Bouncy — The added damage and bounce allows you to target Brawlers from farther away or behind walls and deal more damage.


Bo Brawler

You should only use Bo on this map if you have his Circling Eagle Star Power. This Star Power allows Bo and his teammate to see farther in the bushes than regular Brawlers, giving him a huge advantage when in the center bush area. Although mines should be placed at entrances, you should avoid destroying the bushes since this will reduce the effectiveness of his Star Power.

Bo’s Star Powers

  • Circling Eagle: Bo spots enemies hidden in bushes from 150% longer distance than normal.
  • Snare a Bear: Instead of a knockback, Bo’s traps now stun the enemy for 2.0 seconds.

Best Star Power for this map: Circling Eagle — The extra visibility allows Bo to see other Brawlers before they can see him when in bushes, giving him the opportunity to run away or attack ahead of time.


Barley Brawler

Barley benefits from the many walls surrounding the center bush area. These walls allow Barley to keep opposing Brawlers away while pushing those same Brawlers towards others. Make sure to avoid the center area and center entrances when moving around the map. If you are pushed towards the center bush area and have nowhere else to go, make sure to attack around you to reveal any hidden Brawlers.

Barley’s Star Powers

  • Medical Use: Barley regains 400 health from each attack.
  • Extra Noxious: Adds +140 damage per second to Barley’s attack.

Best Star Power for this map: Extra Noxious — Use this Star Power to do as much damage to other Brawlers as possible. The health regeneration from Medical Use won’t be enough to counter the damage you’ll receive from high DPS Brawlers.


Dynamike Brawler

Although Dynamike can’t control an area like Barley, he can destroy the center bushes of the map with his Super, creating more space for himself to move around. Use the walls when attacking Brawlers and save your Super for the center. Because of Dynamike’s notoriety as a teamer, other Brawlers might target you first and other Dynamike’s might spin for your attention.

Dynamike’s Star Powers

  • Dyna-Jump: Dynamike can ride the blast wave of his explosives to jump over obstacles!
  • Demolition: Adds +1000 damage to Mike’s Super.

Best Star Power for this map: Dyna-Jump — With this Star Power, you can jump over walls when other Brawlers get too close. After checking the bushes for enemy Brawlers, use Dyna-jump to jump into the center when the gas is closing in.


Tick Brawler

Tick is one of the best Brawlers for area control. With that being said, use Tick’s mines to control an area and deal chip damage to enemies in the center. Be careful of his low HP and use his Super to target Brawlers that get too close. You can also use Tick’s Super to let you know where the nearest Brawler is; this is especially useful when forced into the bushes by the poison gas or other Brawlers.

Tick’s Star Powers

  • Well Oiled: When Tick takes no damage and doesn’t attack, he starts recovering health 2.0 seconds faster than normal.
  • Automa-Tick Reload: Tick’s reload time is 10% shorter.

Best Star Power for this map: Well Oiled — This Star Power allows Tick to heal 2.0 seconds faster than normal, enabling him to attack normally and gain health automatically in the time it takes to reload.

Best Teams for Duos

Barley & Bo

Bo’s Circling Eagle Star Power allows your team to enter the center safely while Barley can prevent other Brawlers from entering the center. When in the center, Bo should keep Brawlers back while Barley targets Brawlers outside of the center utilizing the walls as cover.

Bo & either Shelly or Bull

This combo allows your team to easily sneak up on others and finish them off quickly. Because Bo can allow his teammate to get very close to enemies, Shelly or Bull should use Quickfire to guarantee enemy hits. Remember, Quickfire is there to help you. It is not something that you should only avoid because you think “it’s for noobs.”

Rosa & Emz

Rosa and EMZ were not mentioned above because they do not do so well in Cavern Churn by themselves. However, in Duo Showdown, this team can be very deadly. Emz excels at keeping Brawlers away while Rosa can easily destroy boxes and keep EMZ safe. Use EMZ’s Super to slow Brawlers down for Rosa to attack. Additionally,  Rosa’s Super could be used to retreat or finish off an enemy team.

Tips for Cavern Churn

Facing Eagle-Eye Bo

If you are playing a Brawler that can destroy walls and bushes, do so. By destroying the center, you weaken Bo’s vision, which makes it harder for him to attack you. If you are not able to destroy the center area, use the walls to keep distance between yourself and Bo. Keep attacking Bo so he will be visible to other Brawlers, making him a target to others as well.

Extra boxes in the corners

The top and bottom corners of the maps have boxes that other players might have overlooked. In fact, you can oftentimes find three or four boxes grouped together.

Destroying boxes in the center bush area

Avoid spamming all your attacks on the boxes because players will wait until you have unloaded all your shots to attack you. Instead, shoot once or twice and then wait to fully reload before shooting again.

Cavern Churn can be one of the most exciting Showdown maps to play when played with the right Brawlers. Not many other maps have such a distinct layout and require a unique playstyle like Cavern Churn. Use this guide with throwers and high DPS Brawlers to win over your enemies!

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