Brawl Stars “Team Comp” Selection Guide: How to Choose the Best Brawlers Every Time

by Brawl News

In Brawl Stars, team composition (commonly known as “team comp” or just “comp”) refers to the combination of Brawlers your team uses in a match, and choosing the right team comp is key for winning. With so many variables like Brawlers, Star Powers, maps, game modes, etc., it is no surprise that certain comps work better than others under specific situations. Therefore, take some time and choose your team comp wisely.

You may be wondering, what is the most effective way of choosing your team composition in Brawl Stars? The answer is not so simple, as there are numerous different ways to decide on an effective team comp. This post outlines some of these options; feel free to use what suits you (you may also “mix and match” the different options for a better selection).

Skill-based Comp Selection

This is the most basic type of comp selection. After all, every player is better with certain Brawlers, especially beginners who may not have the same experience with all the Brawlers.

If this is the case, you should consider choosing Brawlers that you’re good at playing with. As you gain more experience and skill playing other Brawlers, you should start using the following (more advanced) comp selection options.

Please note that I am by no means saying you should always use your best Brawlers. You will never learn how to use other Brawlers if you never play them. But for those matches that you really, really want to win (i.e. a tournament game, or trying to unlock that trophy road mega box), you might want to stick with the Brawler that you know you are good with.

Meta-based Comp Selection

In videogames, the term “meta” refers to the set of characters, items, and tactics that are the most dominant in matches. For Brawl Stars, when we say “meta Brawlers,” we are referring to the Brawlers that have the highest win percentages. Unlike decks in Clash Royale, meta Brawlers change regularly based on many factors such as balance changes and new strategies.

Using meta Brawlers will likely give you an edge in the game, so learning this information can be beneficial. You can easily find out current meta Brawlers on YouTube (some B.S. content creators make “Brawlers Tier Lists” regularly) or on websites like Brawl Stats that will provide you with useful data (such as most used Brawlers and Brawlers with highest win rate). More often than not, current meta Brawlers will be at the top of the lists.

Team comp example

Game Mode-based Comp Selection

Each game mode has its own set of rules and objectives that differentiate them from each other. Therefore, some Brawlers will be a better fit for a specific game mode than others.

For example: In Heist, Bull is one of the most used Brawlers — his high HP, high closed-range damage, charging Super, and Star Powers makes him perfect for this game mode. On the flip side, Mortis is rarely seen in Heist.

Map-based Comp Selection

Just like in different game modes, certain Brawlers work better on certain maps than others. If a map has a lot of walls, throwers like Barley, Dynamike, or Tick may be a good fit. If the map is very wide open, you could use long-range/sniper Brawlers like Colt, Piper, Brock, or Bea. When playing on maps with pesky walls right in front of the objective (very common in Heist and Brawl Ball), you should consider using a Brawler that can destroy walls.

Taking a minute to analyze the “ins and outs” of the map you’ll be playing could greatly help with your comp selection.

Opponents-based Comp Selection

This comp selection technique may be more advanced and is focused more on competitive gaming. If you know who your opponents are and know how they play, you could select a team comp that counters the Brawlers they’re more likely to use. Additionally, if you’ll be playing more than one round on the same map and the tournament rules allow it, it is advisable to modify your comp on subsequent games to counter their biggest threats, especially if you lose. These tactics are known as “counter comps” and they’re quite common in Brawl Stars Esports.

I hope that these tips help you improve your skills in Brawl Stars. If you use any other team comp selection strategies, please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, and to read more insightful posts like this one, please visit our home page!

Happy Brawlin’!

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