A Quick Guide to Present Plunder

by Brawl News

Welcome to this quick guide on the limited-time game mode: Present Plunder. Let’s quickly break down the game mode in this short, easy guide!

Basic info about Present Plunder:

  • Present Plunder is a limited-time game mode that was recently added to the game for Brawlidays
  • The goal is to steal your opponents’ presents and bring them back to your territory without letting your presents get stolen
  • Present Plunder maps are the same size as a normal 3v3 game mode map such as Gem Grab or Heist
  • The first team to steal 2 presents (or 1 if in overtime) wins the match
  • The match length is similar to Brawl Ball’s, with 2 minutes and 30 seconds of regular play and 1 minute of overtime

On some maps, the boat that the brawlers are on will tilt left and right. Each tilt lasts 10 seconds before tilting in the other direction, and the tilt direction affects the movement speed of brawlers. This interesting new mechanic allows brawlers to move faster if they are moving in the direction of the tilt and slower if moving against. For example, a brawler will have increased movement speed if moving left when the boat is tilted left and decreased movement speed if moving right when the boat is tilted left.

Present Plunder map

Some issues with Present Plunder:

  • It is difficult to get the enemy present out of its spawn. Usually, there is at least one brawler defending the present; unless you advance as a team, just getting to the present spawn is a tough task.
  • It is fairly easy to get the present back to your base once out of the enemy spawn. Not only can the present go over walls when it is passed, but you also cannot bring your present back to your spawn.
  • Passing the present with a super is too strong. A pass with the super almost guarantees that the present will reach the intended collection circle (the circle around the present spawns).
  • The present timer when it is on the ground lasts too long. There is far too much time for the opposing team to pick it up, which resets the timer completely.
  • The maps are too similar. Most of the maps have the same ”good brawlers” and ”bad brawlers”. For example, Mortis is very strong in all Present Plunder maps.

Good brawlers to use:

  • Mortis – Mortis is arguably the best brawler to use in Present Plunder. His dash mechanic allows him to quickly swoop in and steal the presents.
  • Darryl – Similarly to Mortis, Darryl’s super allows him to easily roll his way to the present wherever it may be. The Steel Hoops Star Power additionally allows Darryl to take less damage after his barrel roll for 3 seconds.
  • Emz – Emz is very effective at control due to its large attack area and high damage. Additionally, her super slows down affected enemy brawlers, helping to prevent them from reaching the present.
  • Jessie and Nita – Both brawlers are very effective for controlling an area on the map due to their splash attacks. Furthermore, their supers add extra firepower and cover when needed.
  • Bull, Primo, Rosa – These tanky brawlers are excellent for pushing up and collecting the present due to their high health and damage.
  • Tara – Tara’s super is very effective in this game mode. It can easily drag enemy brawlers out of the way or group them together, leaving them vulnerable to splash attacks.
Present Plunder gameplay

Quick tips to play Present Plunder better:

  1. You should not stay back to defend your spawn if no enemy is near it. Help your teammates steal the enemy present instead. In other words, control the middle.
  2. Always try to attack and defend together as a team.
  3. Do not rush in to get the present just because you can reach it without dying. Instead, wait for good opportunities such as when enemy brawlers are respawning or low on health.
  4. Pass the present if you are low on health. Remember, you are not alone.

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