Beginner Tips and Advice for New Brawl Stars Players

by Brawl News

So you heard about Brawl Stars and how much fun it is. You went to the apps store and downloaded it, finished the initial training with “that shotgun girl” and played your first game. And now you know everything about the game and you’re ready to dominate the Brawl Stars scene, right?…

Well, not quite. As simple as the game may initially look (just some Brawlers shooting at each other), there are lots of strategies required to master it. Sure, if you are a relatively good gamer you may find it pretty easy to win at first, but as you progress, the game’s matchmaking system will start pairing you against more experienced players. Soon enough, those “run-shoot-kill-repeat” tactics won’t be as effective or viable anymore.

Brawl Stars launch screen

Here are some beginner tips and advice for new Brawl Stars players that will give you an edge on the average newbie. However, even if you are not a beginner, I invite you to read them as well; there may still be some advice that helps you be a better player. If not, we encourage you to help our community by sharing some of your tips in the comments section below.


This tip may sound fairly obvious, but it’s the most important tip from this list. Other than a few desperate situations, the words “I shouldn’t die, I shouldn’t die, I shouldn’t die…” is what should be in your head at all times. One of the biggest mistakes new BS players make is to take unnecessary risks and making “YOLO plays” (like recklessly chasing a Brawler to their base trying to kill him, or getting within close range of your opponents to grab an unnecessary gem, etc.). More often than not, you will end up dying.

Regardless of the game mode, you’ll learn soon enough that most things are not worth dying for. By dying, you are placing your team in a 2v3 disadvantage, which if played well by your opponents, will force your teammates to go on a defensive position (or even worse, they may end up dead as well). Every time you die, that’s a potential loss for your team.

Piper Calavera skin

However, there are some “do or die” exceptions to this rule. For example, if your team is on Countdown in Gem Grab and you are not carrying any useful gems or if it is necessary for you to reach the ball and pass it to your teammate in Brawl Ball for either defense or offense. Other than the few exceptions, if you are likely to die by doing whatever you’re planning to do, you’re better off not doing it.

Tip #2: Take some time to learn the basics

When you are a new player, you’re paired up to play against other new players as well. Many of these are just casual players playing for fun with no real intentions to get better at the game. These players usually just “go with the flow” and don’t take the time to learn the basics of the game. The fact that you’re reading this guide tells me that you care about getting better, so this will put you in an advantageous position. After all, knowledge is power.

Make sure you learn and understand all the basic information about how Brawl Stars works. Here are some key points that you should master:

Brawlers: There are literally dozens of Brawlers in the game, with new Brawlers being added at a rate of roughly one to two per update. Most Brawlers are uniquely different from each other, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Brawlers may have a higher movement speed, higher HP, shoot farther, reload quicker, deal area damage, shoot over walls, and many other traits that differentiate them from one another. In addition, every Brawler has a super attack that gives you special abilities for a period of time depending on the Brawler. Therefore, some Brawlers will have clear advantages over others in certain situations (ex. Mortis vs Dynamike).

It is important to take some time and learn each Brawler’s mechanics. This will not only make you better at using them but you will also know how to play against the opponents’ Brawlers. Besides, you will know which Brawler to use in specific situations (like a certain map, game mode, or if you know which Brawlers your opponents will be using). If you would like to learn about individual Brawlers, you can check out the Brawler Basics guides on our site.

Werewolf Leon skin
Spike 2 image 3d
Sandy stretching
Crow pose

Game Modes: At first, you only have one game mode available (Gem Grab). As you progress, more game modes will be unlocked. Each game mode is very unique with different maps, winning objectives, and other variables, so you should know how each game mode works.

A quick overview of each game mode’s main objective:

  • Gem Grab: Collect gems and keep them in your possession
  • Showdown: Defeat opponents to be the last one standing
  • Brawl Ball: Score goals with the ball
  • Heist: Destroy the enemy’s safe
  • Bounty: Kill opponents to earn stars
  • Seige: Collect bolts and destroy the enemy’s IKE
  • Present Plunder: Retrieve gifts from the opponent’s gift spawn
  • Takedown: Deal as much damage to the Boss as you can
  • Lone Star: Kill enemy Brawlers and have the highest amount of stars at the end
  • Big Game: Defeat the Boss Brawler in the shortest time possible
    • If you’re the Boss Brawler: Survive as long as you can
  • Robo Rumble: Protect your safe against robots
  • Boss Fight: Defeat the giant boss robot while having at least one Brawler alive
Brawl Ball icon
Brawl Ball icon
Brawl Ball icon
Brawl Ball icon
Brawl Ball icon
Brawl Ball icon

Maps: Similar to Brawlers and Game Modes, there are a lot of maps in Brawl Stars. Since each map has its own unique characteristics, you should analyze each map to choose a favorable strategy. Some examples: A map that is very wide open may be good for long-range Brawlers like Piper or Brock. On the other hand, a map with many walls may be beneficial for throwers like Barley, Dynamike, or Tick. Furthermore, maps with lots of bushes could work for heavy hitters like Bull or Frank. By analyzing each map, you’ll be able to choose a good team comp that will give you an edge in the game.

Game Progress: As you get more Brawlers and level them up, you’ll have better chances to win games and get more trophies. This is why you should learn how to progress your account quickly. Subscribe to Brawl Stars Daily to get notified when a guide about how to progress as fast as possible (especially if you are a F2P player) gets released.

Tip #3: Get together and play in a team

When you start a game on your own, your teammates are randomly selected. Playing with randoms is, well, very random (they may be great, bad, or anything in between), and even somewhat experienced players know that the matchmaking system in Brawl Stars isn’t great. You don’t want to depend on chances, so it’s highly recommended that you play with people that you know are good at the game if you can. Add some in-game friends and play with them regularly to gain synergy and perform better as a team. If you don’t have any friends who play the game, simply send friend requests to good random players you play with. Then, remove players that are inactive or always deny your team requests. The more in-game friends you have, the likelier it is for you to find a good team.

Frank, Crow, Jessie

Tip #4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Now that you know some game basics, it’s time to put the tips and strategies into practice. Use all your Brawlers, play the modes and maps you enjoy, try new things. Only through practice and experience will you learn the “do’s and don’ts” and get better at the game.

Thanks for reading! I hope these Brawl Stars beginner tips will help you become a better player. Feel free to use the comments section below to ask any questions or to share your own Brawl Stars tips. Happy Brawling!

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