Brawlidays Brawl Talk – 2 New Brawlers, a New Game Mode, a New Environment, and More

by TheAlmightybro

The December Pirate Brawlidays Brawl Talk is here, along with 2 new brawlers, a new game mode, a new environment, 5 new skins, and more. Let’s take a look at what the Brawl Talk revealed below!

New Pirate-Themed Environment: Darryl’s Ship

A new pirate-themed environment called Darryl’s Ship is coming in the update. The battlefield is completely placed on the ship — it’s pretty cool.

Darryl's Ship environment
Darryl’s Ship environment

2 New Brawlers: Bea and Max

2 new brawlers are coming in the Brawlidays update, with both of them getting a skin as well.


Description: Bea is an entomologist (studies insects) and Rosa’s assistant.

Attack: Bea’s attack is similar to Piper’s, but she has only one ammo bar which starts to reload as soon as she fires the shot. Her second shot deals more damage if she hits her target with her first shot. Her first shot deals 1120 damage while her second shot deals 3080 damage. You can tell whether or not your next shot will deal extra damage by the ammo bar, which will turn yellow. Note that her third shot resets to 1120 damage. All damage stats are at brawler level 10.

Reload speed: Her reload speed is just over 1 second (around 1.1s), making it one of the fastest reload speeds in the game. (Reload speed stats taken from Coach Cory’s Brawl Talk video.)

Bea's main attack
Bea’s main attack

Super: Bea’s Super fires out 7 “bees” which fly out in a spreading pattern. Each bee deals 140 damage, slows, and poisons the enemy. The poison damage is unknown, since the Brawl Talk doesn’t show poison doing any damage at all.

Bea's Super
Bea’s Super

Star Powers: The video doesn’t give many clues as to what her Star Powers might be, but we speculate it could have something to do with a damage boost with her 2nd attack.


Description: Max wants to be a superhero, but she’s not quite there, so she drinks a lot of energy drinks and uses turbines to move very fast.

Attack: Max has 4 ammo slots by default. Each attack fires out 4 bullets and deals 346 damage apiece. The bullets travel in a mostly straight line with some spread. All damage stats are at brawler level 10.

Reload speed: Her reload speed is around 1.3 seconds. However, the attack animation itself takes around .5 seconds, making her total reload speed of 1.8 seconds. (Reload speed stats taken from Coach Cory’s Brawl Talk video.)

Max's main attack
Max’s main attack

Super: Max drops a radius that speeds up all friendly brawlers around her. Her Super cannot be thrown (same mechanics as Emz) and has a radius similar to that of 8Bit’s turret (without Boosted Blasters). The speed boost lasts for around 4 seconds and cannot be stacked.

Max's Super
Max’s Super

Star Powers: Max’s Star Powers aren’t obvious in the Brawl Talk. Although she has a “homerun bar,” nothing really happens to her once it charges, so there’s not much to say on what her Star Powers might be.

Oh, and Bea’s getting voice lines as well.

New Game Mode: Present Plunder

A new game mode called Present Plunder was also revealed in the Pirate Brawlidays Brawl Talk. The game mode will only be out for a limited time though, possibly to test its performance. Nothing was mentioned about when it will be removed, but chances are, it won’t around for more than a month or so.

Present Plunder gameplay
Present Plunder gameplay

The objective of Present Plunder is to steal presents from the opponent’s base to your base and stop enemies from stealing yours. Unlike Brawl Ball, both teams can steal presents at the same time, and the game does not reset once a present reaches a base. Furthermore, presents can be passed over walls to teammates or to score a point. You can also combine the throw with your Super, which allows it to be thrown farther. It isn’t clear whether or not throwing a present will consume an ammo slot, but there’s a good chance it will. In addition, presents dropped on the field (not at a base) will automatically respawn at the present’s home base after it is left untouched for around 10 seconds.

5 New Skins: Poco, Colt, Carl, Bea, and Max

Pirate Poco

Pirate Poco gameplay
Pirate Poco gameplay

Corsair Colt

Corsair Colt gameplay
Corsair Colt gameplay

Captain Carl

Captain Carl gameplay
Captain Carl gameplay

Ladybug Bea

Ladybug Bea
Ladybug Bea

GT Max

GT Max
GT Max

Brawl Stars 2020 World Championships

Finally, the Pirate Brawlidays Brawl Talk revealed some more information about 2020’s Brawl Stars World Championships tournament.

The tournament is open to everyone and the qualifiers will start in-game. Everyone can compete, regardless of trophy and power level. Starting January 2020, monthly in-game tournaments will be held in a fashion similar to that of Clash Royale’s in-game qualifiers. To advance into the next round, win 15 games without losing 3 games. If you qualify, you’ll get invited to an online tournament at a later date to get a chance at competing at a live event sometime later. It is unknown what the rewards for these rounds will be at this time.

The tournament has a starting prize pool of $1,000,000 USD and can go up to $1,500,000. The additional $500,000 will be funded by special World Finals bundles which will be available for purchase in the Shop.

$100000 2020 prize pool
$1,000,000 2020 prize pool

That’s it from the Brawl Talk. There was no mention of new music, a new background, or a new Brawl Box, so we’ll have to wait until the update comes to confirm these. Overall, the update is not too shabby, but it isn’t really…holiday-themed. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below. The update release date is unknown, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified as soon as we post more update news!

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