Brawl Stars’ Brawlidays animation hints at a new pirate theme and new skins

by TheAlmightybro

Brawl Stars’ Brawlidays 2019 is coming, along with a new pirate theme, new skins, new music, and more teased in today’s Pirate Brawlidays Animation. In addition, the Brawlidays Brawl Talk episode is set to be released tomorrow morning, so subscribe to our newsletter to read our Brawl Talk post. Check out our analysis of the “Brawl Stars Animation: Pirate Brawlidays!” below.

New Skins teased in Brawlidays Animation

Pirate Poco
Pirate Colt
Pirate Carl

Pirate Carl skin ⚊ The YouTube video opens with a shot of a potential new Pirate Carl skin. Since the video title suggests a Pirate-themed Brawlidays update, a Pirate Carl skin seems very plausible.

Pirate Colt skin ⚊ Colt has a pirate outfit on, hinting at a new pirate skin for Colt.

Pirate Poco skin ⚊ Poco is sleeping with a new pirate skin on, hinting at a new pirate skin for Poco.

Christmas Tick skin ⚊ The title card at the end of the video shows a red and green ornament that looks very similar to Tick’s bombs, so there’s a possibility that Tick gets a new holiday-themed skin as well. However, Tick is never seen with the skin on in the video, so this may just be an easter egg.

Besides this, Frank also replied to a tweet asking whether or not last year’s Brawlidays skins were coming back, for which he replied: “Yes, they will.”

Sorry OG folks, last year’s Brawliday skins won’t be exclusive anymore.

New Environment or Gamemode

The Brawlidays theme is pirates, so why wouldn’t there be a new pirate-themed environment? The ship the animation is set on is likely to be a new battle environment. Furthermore, Brawl Stars recently changed their Twitter header to this image:

Brawl Stars Twitter Pirate header image
Brawl Stars Twitter Pirate header image

…so yeah, we’re probably getting a new environment.

Coach Cory speculated that this could be a new “Capture the Flag” type game mode, but at this point, that seems a bit far-stretched. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

New Brawl Box or Box skin

A Reddit user (u/SerbianEmperor27) pointed out that there was actually a new Brawl Box leaked in the animation. If you pause the video at 00:16, you’ll see the following new Brawl Box or box design in the top left corner:

Potential new Brawlidays box
Potential new Brawlidays box

It is unclear whether or not this will be a new Brawl Box or simply a Brawl Box redesign for this update. However, Coach Cory speculates that this could be a new “Club Box” of sorts. He further mentioned how in the last Tiniest Update, they shrunk the existing Brawl Box and Big Box and moved them left, leaving room for potentially a new box. We’ll find out in tomorrow’s Brawl Talk if this means anything, so subscribe to get alerted as soon as our post goes live!

Showdown Box Skin

The Showdown Boxes are likely to be changed into Christmas presents again, like last year. The animation also shows presents laid across the deck, so there’s a very good chance that this will happen. Whether or not the Power Cubes will change is a completely different question that I don’t have the answer to.

Showdown boxes (presents)
Showdown boxes (presents)


A Brawl Stars World Finals trophy can be seen on the ground at 00:07, which could be a nod towards the recently announced 2020 Brawl Stars World Championships starting in January.

Brawl Stars World Finals trophy
Brawl Stars World Finals trophy

Get ready for a pirate-themed Brawlidays update! If I missed any “leaks” in the Brawlidays animation, feel free to let me know below. You can also join our Discord server to chat with us and share clips! Stay tuned for the Brawl Talk breakdown tomorrow, and happy holidays!

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