The first Power Play season has ended and here are the results

by TheAlmightybro

The very first Brawl Stars Power Play season has ended and many players are going home with the top reward. How well did you do?

Power Play is the new “end-game” game mode that got introduced in the October (Brawl-o-ween) update last month. Each Power Play season lasts for 2 weeks, and today marked the ending of the first season. Here are the top players of the first season:

Power play leader-board
(Ignore my count, I may have missed a few days:))

How did you do compared to these guys? Each of them received at least 10,000 bonus Star Points for their trophy count as well as massive bonuses for placing on the Global leaderboard (first place gets 50,000 bonus!).

Now that the first season is over, the second season has begun. Both seasons are starting with the Gem Grab Minecart Madness map, so perhaps we will be seeing the same map rotation as before. Get your team ready and win some Star Points! Be sure to let us know how many you got in our sidebar poll! Subscribe to keep updated with all the latest Brawl Stars news, guides, and more.

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