Brawls-Giving is Here! Join Our Party and Win Prizes This Thanksgiving

by TheAlmightybro

Your invitation to Brawl Stars Daily’s Brawls-Giving party has arrived at your doorsteps. Join us this Thanksgiving for 4 days of events and win awesome prizes!

What is Brawls-Giving?

Brawls-Giving is a Thanksgiving event for the community hosted by us in partnership with Saber Gaming, Mystic eSports, and Knights of Brawl! Basically, all you need to do is participate in our Thanksgiving activities to win awesome prizes. If you would like to help sponsor/partner with our event, please feel free to contact us or message us in our Discord server. The event is open to anyone who has a Discord account and wants to get together with members of the community for a fun-filled 4 days.

Brawls-Giving wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors and partners, so please take a moment to check them out:

> – Keep track of clubs and players’ progress with statistics and graphs, all in one place!

> Saber Gaming – We are a Brawl Stars organization that has numerous top leaderboard clubs, and our Discord server is full of fun things including: a custom currency bot, shop with colors, fun bot infrastructure, a great supportive community, and unique channels! We hope you join our Discord server even if you are not in one of our clubs – we have a whole lot of fun!

> Mystic eSports – We are a mobile eSports organization that consists of 2100+ members. Mystic hosts cash pool tournaments, weekly cash giveaways/events and more. #StayMystic

> KnightsofBrawl – KnightsofBrawl is an organization that focuses on building a friendly community where all players can come together and have fun. We have an organized discord with friendly staff and a website for our members to keep track of in-game stats. Our clubs expand across multiple games, so come join us for our events and tournaments to earn cool prizes.

> You – become a partner/sponsor for this event! Interested? Read the Rewards section to learn how and about the perks!

When is it?

The Brawls-Giving party will start on Monday, Nov. 25th and will run until Thursday, Nov. 28th (aka Thanksgiving). There will be a different event every day with two activities on Thanksgiving. The activities will all start around 4:00 pm Central Time* and last at most 30 minutes (excluding the tournament).

Brawls-Giving Activities

We will be hosting one main activity every day for 4 days. The current plan is listed below:

Nov. 25 (Mon.)Create a Fall/Autumn-themed Brawl Stars map (any game mode) – voting Nov. 26-271st place: 12 tickets
2nd place: 6 tickets
3rd place: 4 tickets
Everyone else: 1 ticket
Nov. 26 (Tues.)Brawl Stars Sound Trivia (Brawler voices provided by place: 10 tickets
2nd place: 5 tickets
3rd place: 3 tickets
Everyone else: 1 ticket
Nov. 27 (Wed.) Brawl Stars in-game challenges 1st place: 10 tickets
2nd place: 8 tickets
3rd place: 4 tickets
Everyone else: 1 ticket
Nov. 28 (Thu.)> 2:00 pm CST event: Thanksgiving trivia
> 4:00 pm CST event (this might be moved to Saturday!): Thanksgiving
mini-tournament (format TBD, subscribe to our emails to get notified!)
> $5 per winner
> 2 tickets for

The specifics of each event will be announced on our Discord server closer to the date. Therefore you must be in our Discord server ( to participate in Brawls-Giving! Continue reading to learn what the rewards mean.


What’s that? You want to win some rewards? Brawl Stars Daily is setting aside $30* in just monetary rewards for Brawls-Giving! However, if you would like to help raise this number, just contact us, DM us on Discord, or donate straight to our Paypal account from the blog sidebar! If you help sponsor this event, you will receive a special role in our Discord server, a shoutout on our social media, a bonus entry into the giveaway, and our warmest gratitude. Furthermore, if you donate at least $25, we will list you as an official sponsor of Brawls-Giving and put you on our Support Us page!

The $30 in prize winnings will be split into a giveaway and a Thanksgiving mini-tournament. The tournament details will be announced sometime next week, and this will also determine how our current winnings will be split (the more winnings from the tournament=less winnings from the giveaway, unless you donate!). That being said, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to get notified of all of our announcements!

*The $30 can be redeemed in either iTunes or Google Play Gift Cards (U.S Gift Cards) or be sent via Paypal (U.S. winners only).

Giveaway Tickets

We will be running two giveaways for this Brawls-Giving: one for just being in our Discord server and the other for participating in activities. Oh, and the current $5 Discord giveaway isn’t included in the $30 we’ve already set aside! The Brawls-Giving giveaway reward will be determined by the tournament prize, but as of now, we are most likely to allocate $20 for this giveaway.

The ticket reward from the table above shows the number of entries players get into the Brawls-Giving giveaway. Even if you don’t win, you get 1 ticket per event just for participating! Giveaway winners will be announced Friday, Nov. 29.

Other prizes

In addition to the monetary reward, we will also reward participants with the following:

  • Earn at least 1 ticket – get the “Brawls-Giving 2019” Discord role
  • Earn at least 10 tickets – get the “Brawls-Giving Turkey Slayer” Discord role
  • Win 1st in any event – get the “Brawls-Giving Pilgrim” Discord role and be featured on our post-Thanksgiving follow-up post
  • Participate in at least 3 events and get 3 bonus tickets
  • Donate any amount and get a special shoutout on our Discord server (along with the “Supporter” Discord role) and the follow-up post – donate at least $10 and get a special Social Media shoutout as well!

Don’t miss out on the awesome prizes we are giving away during Brawls-Giving! In addition, if you or someone you know (this includes content creators as well!) want to help contribute to the winnings, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our website, on Discord, or on Twitter. It’s time to be thankful, have fun, and give back as a community.


Since this is a public event, there are some rules and guidelines in place. You will get a warning after the first offense (unless we deem the offense was very severe), after that, you will be removed from our Discord server and any winnings/tickets you have will be void.

  • Please read and agree to Supercell’s ToS:
  • Please read and agree to Discord’s ToS and guidelines: :::
  • Your Brawl Stars account must be in good standing (it cannot be temporarily or permanently banned)
  • You must be at least 13 years of age to participate in the Brawls-Giving tournament
  • You are expected to be respectful to members of the community and our staff members at all times
  • Any racist, lewd, NSFW, violent, or otherwise discriminatory words or images will not be tolerated
  • Bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment are not tolerated and will result in instant disqualification from Brawls-Giving events and any future events Brawl Stars Daily hosts
  • Follow all individual activity rules and guidelines

By participating in our tournament, you automatically agree to the above guidelines and understand that breaking any rules can and will result in disqualification.

How to accept this Brawls-Giving invitation

To join our Brawls-Giving event, all you have to do is join our Discord server and fill out this Google Form: After that’s completed, you just have to participate in our activities next week!

Good luck to everyone participating and be sure to invite your friends over to the party! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact us or message us on Discord. Arrive at the events on time and be aware of our announcements! Happy Brawls-Giving everyone.

Featured image Robo Spike fan art made by u/NightPhoenix910

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