Brawl Stars’ Tiniest Update is Here! – Brawl Talk

by TheAlmightybro

Brawl Stars’ November update is here, and they are calling it the “world’s tiniest update.” If you haven’t watched the Brawl Talk yet, you can do so here: In this mini-update, the Brawl Stars team announced a collaboration with LINE & FRIENDS. You can read the patch notes below.


  • El BROWN
  • SALLY Leon
  • LEONARD Carl


  • Added a News Section view while the game is in maintenance
  • Added a range indicator when aiming EMZ’s Super
  • Added a new setting for minimum Trophies in Clubs 25,000
  • Added support for higher refresh rates for selected Android phones(Asus ROG Phone 1 & 2, Razer Phone 2)
  • Added a feature to disable friend requests

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, in very rare cases, initiating a purchase in the shop would sometimes attempt to purchase an incorrect package
  • Fixed an issue on some Android devices where the Takedown Boss immunity shield countdown was underneath the Boss health bar
  • Fixed a visual issue with Mecha Crow projectile
  • Fixed a visual issue with Tick’s animation in the menus
  • Fixed a visual issue with Takedown Boss Rocket fire effects being drawn on top of the characters
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Coin Box graphic in the Shop when it was bundled with other items

There were also a few small changes to the UI that were not addressed in the patch notes.

  • The Boxes either became smaller or the Game-mode tab became shorter. OCD anyone?
  • The Club and Team chats have been condensed. To be honest, it doesn’t look as visually appealing as the original did.
  • There is no longer a speech bubble when you are picking Brawlers or typing in the Team Chat. Again…why?

If this update was disappointing to you, then you aren’t alone. However, stay tuned for the massive 1 year anniversary update in early December (aka Brawlidays)!

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