Supercell Adds Content Creator Boost Into Brawl Stars

by TheAlmightybro

Supercell’s Brawl Stars developer team announced early yesterday that they’ve added a Fortnite-like Support-A-Creator feature called “Content Creator Boost” into the game. This allows players to support their favorite content creators whenever they spend Gems. If you want to learn how you can earn FREE Gems in Brawl Stars, read this post! If you’re just looking for the content creator codes, you can read our list of 20 codes here.

Like Fortnite’s support-a-creator feature, you must choose a content creator to “boost” via the Shop in-game.

content creator boost shop image

Once you enter a creator code, every future Gem you spent will also help support the creator you entered. If you don’t know any creator codes, we listed a few of them below.

Content creator codes:

  • Coach Cory – Cory
  • Lex Youtube – Lex
  • Brawl Stats – Stats
  • KairosTime Gaming – Kairos
  • BenTimm1 – BT1
  • ChiefAvalon – ChiefAvalon
  • Ash – AshBS
  • Orange Juice Gaming – OJ

Keep in mind that these are just a few Creator Codes out there, feel free to ask your favorite content creator to see if they have one. Check out our list of 20 Content Creator codes we compiled for you.

Who has a Creator Code and how can I get one?

Sadly, the Creator Boost is just in it’s early, beta stages and have only been rolled out to creators previously under Supercell’s non-disclosure agreement and a small group of other creators. So, unfortunately, there is no application to get a creator code for yourself.

Frank mentioned that they will eventually roll out the creator codes fully at a later date, so don’t get your hopes down! In the meantime, support your favorite creator by entering their Creator Code in the Content Creator Boost section in the Shop! Remember to re-enter the code in the Shop every week to keep the boost active.

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