October Balance Changes – Brawl Stars Brawl-O-Ween Update

by TheAlmightybro

The October Brawl Stars update is near and so are the balance changes coming with it. In this round of balancing, 16 brawlers are getting buffed/nerfed. Yesterday, Supercell released the Brawl-o-ween Brawl Talk which showcased a new brawler, two new game modes, new skins, and a new environment. If you haven’t watched the Brawl Talk yet, you can do so here. Without further ado, let’s get right into the upcoming balance changes.

October balance changes:

  • 8-Bit: Decreased main attack damage from 340 to 320 per bullet (-5.9%*)
  • Bibi:
    • Decreased health from 4300 to 4200 (-2.3%)
    • Decreased Spitball damage from 1000 to 900 (-10%)
  • Piper: Decreased attack damage at max range from 1640 to 1600 (-2.4%)
  • Sandy:
    • Decreased health from 4000 to 3800 (-5%)
    • Decreased Healing Winds healing from 300 to 250 per sec (-16.7%)
      • Decreased Sandstorm duration from 12s to 9s (-25%)
  • Primo:
    • Increased El Fuego damage from 1000 to 1200 (+20%)
    • Decreased Meteor Rush speed boost from 28% to 25%
  • Leon:
    • Increased Invisiheal healing from 800 to 1000 per sec (+25%)
    • Decreased Smoke Bomb invisibility duration from 7s to 6s (-14.3%)
  • Bo: Super attack traps are now deployed in a fixed pattern
  • Tick:
    • Decreased Automa-Tick reload time effect from 13% to 10%
    • Increased mini mines duration on the ground from 1.6s to 2.0s (+25%)
  • Brock: Increased DPS from Incendiary from 500 to 600 dps (+20%)
  • Crow: Enemies now do 20% less damage instead of 16% from Extra Toxic
  • Darryl:
    • Increased Steel Hoops shield damage reduction from 25% to 30%
    • Rolling Reload reworked: Darryl doubles his reload speed for 5 seconds after using his Super
  • Nita:
    • Increased health from 3800 to 4000 (+5.3%)
    • Increased main attack damage from 740 to 800 (+8.1%)
  • Gene: Increased Magic Puffs healing from 300 to 400 per sec (+33%)
  • Poco: Increased Da Capo! healing from 600 to 800 (+33.3%)
  • Spike: Increased Fertilize healing from 600 to 800 per sec (+33.3%)
  • Penny: Increased main attack damage from 840 to 900 (+7.1%)

*Percentages provided by Coach Cory

In addition to these balance changes, it has been confirmed that Leon will be getting a voice!

What do you think of these balance changes? Are any of them too harsh? Lenient? Was there some balancing you wished would happen not make it? Let us know all your thoughts down below or in our community Discord server! The update should be arriving soon, in the meantime, subscribe to Brawl Stars Daily to stay up to date with the latest update news!

Sandy walking animation with no background

Featured image by u/NightPhoenix910

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