How to Play Mortis Like a Pro

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Hey guys, its Galaxy here with a new Brawl Stars post! This time, I’ll be throwing you guys some combos which can be used with our favourite dashing devil: Mortis!

Dash forwards or dash backwards? Fight or flight? This guide will hopefully clear up some of these questions for you when playing the most mobile brawler in the game.

Mortis’ basic attack, “Shovel Swing,” launches him forward 2.67 tiles and has a super that throws out a long line of bats. Each of these attacks does 900 damage at level 1 and 1260 at level 10. For more information on Mortis’ attacks and star powers, read our Brawler Basics guide by Levy.

Mortis Shovel Swing attack

Generally, Mortis does best in 2 situations – escape and aggro. In this post, I will go through the main combos you can use to aggressively push back and eliminate enemy brawlers in Bounty, Gem Grab and Seige.

It is important to note that Mortis’s survivability AND burst potential is far greater when he either has or is within 2 or 3 attacks of getting his super. If it is treated as an extra dash which heals and does not move him, it allows him an extra thousand or so damage as well as healing in the process. Generally, before attempting to get kills, I would recommend “poking” a target in order to charge up your super.

Since it takes 5 shots to charge up Mortis’ super, it will take 2 or 3 attacks to get you in range of your super. This leads me to the first combo, The Poke. This uses up 3 ammo bars, and goes along the lines of the following:

  • First Attack: Dash through the target and onto the other side.
  • Second Attack: Immediately dash backwards back through the target back to your original position
  • Third Attack: Dash backwards again, away from the opposition and into safety
Mortis “The Poke” attack combo
The Poke”

If this is used right, this should charge up Mortis’ super 2/5 of the way. This means that during his next attack, if he lands all 3 of his attacks consecutively, he can deliver a 4th shot which will heal him as well. This is, like most of these combos, most effective when he starts in a bush and dashes back into it with his second attack.

The next combo is usually Mortis’ main combo and is primarily the tool with which he attacks. I like to call this one The Hat Trick (Geddit? HA!)

  • First Attack: Starting from a bush, dash towards an enemy and through them.
  • Second Attack: Dash backwards back through them.
  • Third Attack: Dash forwards again, hitting them 3 times consecutively.
  • Optionally: Super as you walk away, healing you and finishing anyone the target off if they are able to be 4 shotted.
Mortis “The Hat Trick” attack combo
The Hat Trick”

This attack allows Mortis to dish out 3600 to 5040 damage depending on your level. For this combo, it’s probably a good idea to know approximately how much damage you do so you know who you can kill and who you can’t.

Generally, The Poke and The Hat Trick are used together. The Poke allows you to get your super, increasing survivability and damage output. Alternatively, however, if an enemy strays a little too close to your hiding spot at the start of a match, and they have a small enough health for you to 3 shot them, you can simply use The Hat Trick, but without using your super. This will remove one of the opposition temporarily and charge up your super at the same time.

One last thing before I finish off this post. When there is an enemy with just a sliver of health, it is not a bad idea to use your super on them to simply remove them from the match. In Bounty, it can be very valuable to your team if you throw out your super at a single target just for the kill.

Alright folks, that’s all for this Mortis aggro guide! Hopefully, you’ve learnt a thing or two about playing Mortis, one of the more difficult brawlers to master. See more guides on our website by searching for them under the “Guides” category. If you are interested in earning FREE Gems while supporting the website, check out this post! Thanks for reading, and as always, Brawl on!

Mortis transparent

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