Earn money by writing for us!

by TheAlmightybro

You read the title right, starting Nov. 1st, 2019, we will be paying our writers for their hard work! That means you can earn some money to purchase in-game Gems or anything you would like by writing about your favorite Supercell game: Brawl Stars. Continue reading to find out how you can start writing for us.

General Guidelines

In order to become a Writer, there are some general guidelines you have to follow. Additional Writer guidelines and info will be sent to you after you have been accepted.


  • You must be at least 13 years of age
  • You must have a good standing in the Brawl community
  • You must be proficient in English
  • You must join our Discord server and are expected to respond to any pings or DMs in a timely manner
  • You should be active and able to write when at least a few times a month
  • You should know Brawl Stars well enough to write about it! If you only pick up the game once a week, then perhaps this isn’t for you
  • Additional rules and guidelines will be sent to you if you are accepted

Writers are expected to be responsible for their own work. Content cannot be plagiarized! If you borrow information from another source, make sure to give appropriate credit! Any images you add cannot be copyrighted.

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What you get in return

We will begin paying our Writers for posts they write or contribute to. Since running the website itself is not free, we sadly won’t be able to afford large payments at the time. You can help us grow by sharing our website and spreading the word!

Unlike other websites, we do not pay you (writers) based on quantity – quality beats quantity. Instead, how much you earn is based on how many views your posts get. This incentivizes well-written, carefully thought-out posts rather than a cluster of short, rushed posts. The more views your post gets, the more you earn. You can learn more about earning rates on our Join the Team page.

Please note that we will only count views on posts published after Nov. 1st!

Payouts will occur on the 3rd of every month for the previous month’s work. For example, we will payout on February 3rd for January earnings. Currently, you can choose to cash out with PayPal, iTunes gift cards (U.S. or CA), or Google Play gift cards (U.S. or CA). The minimum threshold for PayPal cashouts is $1 (due to PayPal’s transfer fees). If you choose to cash out with an iTunes giftcard, the minimum cashout threshold is $5 (this is the lowest available iTunes giftcard value). For Google Play gift cards, the minimum cashout threshold is $5 for a U.S. giftcard and $10 for a Canadian giftcard (these are the lowest available Google Play giftcard values).

NOTE: Any cash you earn will not expire unless you decide to leave the team or you are kicked off the team. If any of these happen to you, you may request to cash out within 10 days of leaving/getting kicked off the team. After the 10 day period is up, any cash you have earned that has not been cashed out will be forfeited.

I’m interested! How can I join?

We appreciate everyone who is interested, but, as with anything, we can only accept a few writers. (What would be the point if having 100 writers spamming three posts a day?) If you think you have what it takes and want to earn some small money for your time, please fill out the application form on our Join the Team page. Please do not send spam or incomplete applications! These will not be read and will not be responded to.

Currently, we are only paying for Writers. However, don’t feel discouraged to become a Designer or Editor on our team! As we grow, we will continue to give back to the community.

So what are you waiting for? Do you have what it takes to join the team? Apply today and contribute to the community. We are really excited for what’s to come!

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