Win $20 in our Brawl-o-ween Giveaway!

by TheAlmightybro

Hey Brawlers, Brawl-o-ween is here and Halloween is next week, so we felt like celebrating with a $20 Brawl Stars giveaway! You can use the gift cards to redeem Gems, make Special Offer Purchases, or pretty much anything else you’d like to spend it on. Learn more about the Brawl Stars giveaway below.

General Brawl Stars Brawl-o-ween Giveaway Info

To enter the giveaway, you must follow all the steps listed under How To Enter. If you violate any of the rules listed under the giveaway guidelines, you will automatically be disqualified and any entries will be void. Please keep in mind that this is sponsored by us, and your participation means a lot! By entering this giveaway, you not only have a chance to win some gift cards but also support Brawl Stars Daily at the same time! Thank you for sticking with us.

Giveaway Dates

This giveaway will start on Saturday, Oct. 26th, 2019 at 12:01 am (CDT) and will end on Thursday, Oct. 31st at 11:59 pm (CDT). Any late entries will not be accepted, so make sure you get all your entries in on time! The winners of the giveaway will be emailed and announced on our Twitter on Friday, Nov. 1st.

Rules and Guidelines

  • You can only enter with each of the entry methods once
  • You must complete all the required actions in order for your entry to be valid
  • We must have a way to contact you, so please enter the email address that you frequently check – we will be re-picking winners if you do not respond to our email within 48 hours!
  • Share this giveaway with your friends! Who knows, they might split their earnings with you…
iTunes gift card
google play gift card

How to Enter

There are two ways you can enter this giveaway. After completing any of the entry methods, please fill out this Google Form to confirm your entry. YOU MUST DO THIS OR YOUR ENTRIES WON’T BE VERIFIED!

Method 1: Join our Discord server

You earn 1 entry for joining our Discord server ( Please make sure your nickname matches the Discord username and tag you entered in the Google Form.

Method 2: Complete this task

You will earn 5 entries for completing the following task with PocketFlip. Please make sure to follow all the directions carefully and submit the Google Form verification for your entries to be valid.

How to get your entries:

  1. Read our post about how you can earn Gems in Brawl Stars for free. Make sure you do this on a mobile device!
  2. Click one of the links (ShareCandy links) that will bring you to the PocketFlip download page (the links are embedded and can also be found near the end of the post)
  3. Download the app through our ShareCandy referral link and check your balance.
  4. If your balance says 100, simply complete one of the offers on the offers page (I don’t recommend doing any paid offers!) and skip to step 6
  5. If your balance is 0 (typically on Android), go to your profile page and enter the code brawldaily. In case you don’t see this option, head over to the Shop page, select a Gift Card, and enter the same code where it says “Apply Discount Code.” Once you get your credits, go the offers page and complete a task (again, I don’t recommend doing any paid offers!)
  6. Once you have received credit for your first task, take a screenshot and upload it to this Google Form:
  7. Once we verify your completion, you will get one entry into the giveaway!

Please note that PocketFlip is a mobile app that rewards you for completing tasks and offers. That means that by entering our Brawl-o-ween giveaway, not only will you be supporting us, but you can continue to use PocketFlip to earn more gift cards yourself!

Brawl Stars Gem icon


There will be 2 $10 gift cards given out for this giveaway. Everyone will be entered into both raffle, so you have a chance of winning both gift cards for a total of $20!

All gift cards will be either iTunes or Google Play vouchers.

We wish all those who enter our Brawl Stars Brawl-o-ween giveaway good luck! Hopefully, you enjoy this giveaway and continue to support Brawl Stars Daily for more in the future! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks for reading and let’s get started now!

Brawl Stars Satchel of Gems

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