Brawl-O-Ween Brawl Talk is here! New Brawler, 2 new game modes, a new environment, and more!

by Simply Pete

The Brawl-o-ween Brawl Talk is here, along with a new Brawler, 2 new game modes, a new environment, and tons of new skins!

New Trophy Road Brawler: Emz


Emz is a new Trophy Road brawler that can be unlocked for free at 8000 trophies. Emz, who is a social media star but also a zombie, uses hair spray to attack enemies. Her main attack is a cloud of hair spray moving forward, dealing damage-over-time and lingering at the end for around a second. This makes Emz extremely viable as a control brawler. Her super forms a large area-of-effect that follows her wherever she goes. This area-of-effect has a similar radius to Sandy’s super. When opponent brawlers in the area-of-effect, they not only slow down but also take damage, 280 per second to be exact.

Emz gameplay

New environment: Mortis Mortuary

Mortis Mortuary will be a new environment in both 3v3 game modes and Showdown, which is the first time Showdown will have a new environment.

2 new game modes: Graveyard Shift and Power Play

Graveyard Shift

For Brawl Stars veterans, Graveyard Shift will be a very familiar mode, very similar to the previous game modifier Life Leech. Graveyard Shift takes place in the new Mortis Mortuary Showdown environment, with 10 brawlers battling for the victory. In Graveyard Shift, all brawlers slowly take damage, and the only way to gain health is by damaging other players. This makes Graveyard Shift a very aggressive game mode that eliminates camping. The healing effect of any Super/Star Power is also greatly reduced. Graveyard Shift will be available in both Solo and Duo modes.

Graveyard Shift

Power Play is a new event slot that takes place in Showdown, unlocked when a player gets their first maxed brawler. Each day, each player can only play Power Play three times, either playing Solo or Duo. There will be a seasonal leaderboard displaying the players with the most points collected. At the end of each season, Star Points are awarded based on how many points a player collects and his/her rank in the global leaderboard. The highest amount of Star Points awarded is 50,000 for the player who earned the most points in the season.

5 new skins: Witch Shelly, Werewolf Leon, Piper Calavera, Shadow Knight Jessie, and DJ Frank

Three new Brawl-o-ween skins are coming: Witch Shelly, Werewolf Leon, and Piper Calavera. Piper Calavera will be released on the Day of the Dead.

Shadow Knight Jessie is a new Star Points skin. Its cost is unknown at the moment.

Shadow Knight Jessie skin

Frank’s character model is getting a slight upgrade along with the new DJ Frank skin.

DJ Frank skin

That’s all the big changes coming in the Brawl-o-ween Brawl Stars update! If you would like to check out the Brawl-o-ween Brawl Talk video, click here. Thanks for reading, and stay updated to all the latest Brawl Stars news, guides, and more by subscribing to Brawl Stars Daily.

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