Here are 20 Content Creator Codes you can use to support your favorite creator

by TheAlmightybro

Brawl Stars introduced Content Creator Boost (support a creator) a few weeks ago, allowing players to support their favorite content creators by entering their unique code in the Shop. Our post about the feature garnered quite a bit of attention, and it seems as though many of you are searching for Creator codes to use. Well, I’ve done the hard work for you, here are 20 Content Creator codes you can use to support your favorite content creator. For 20 more Content Creator codes, you can check out this post.

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Creator Code list:

  • Alvaro845: Alvaro845
  • Anikilo: anikilo
  • Ash: AshBS
  • BenTimm1: BT1
  • Brawl Stats: Stats
  • CWA Mobile Gaming: CWA
  • Chief Pat: PAT
  • ChiefAvalon: ChiefAvalon
  • Coach Cory: Cory
  • FullFrontage: FullFrontage
  • Galadon Gaming: Galadon
  • Gedikor: GEDI
  • KairosTime Gaming: Kairos
  • Lex – Brawl Stars: Lex
  • MOLT: Molt
  • Nickatnyte: Nyte
  • Orange Juice Gaming: OJ
  • RadicalRosh – Brawl Stars: RADICAL
  • Rey: Rey
  • Ricky Burnett: R3dknight

That’s the list I’ve compiled for 20 working Brawl Stars Content Creator codes. If you didn’t find the creator code you were looking for on this list, you can check out this post for 20 more Content Creator codes. If you aren’t sure how to apply Content Creator codes, you can check out our previous post here. You can bookmark this page for reference. I hope this helps!

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