The Same Brawl Stars Daily, Redesigned

by Simply Pete

If this is your first time visiting Brawl Stars Daily, welcome! If not, you may have noticed that the website looks different from, say, two weeks ago. That’s because we completely redesigned our website! Continue reading and find out everything that’s changed!

Home Page

The largest and most obvious change is BSD’s redesigned home page. The home page has been updated to be more user-friendly and more mobile optimized. The new slider at the top displays the three most recent posts, allowing you to view the latest posts instantly. Below the slider is a list of more recent posts (excludes the three in the slider) for your convenience.

Further down the home page, you will notice two post categories: Game News and Brawler Basics. Game News displays the two latest posts regarding any updates, Brawl Talks, sneak peeks, etc. regarding Brawl Stars. Brawler Basics, on the other hand, displays the two latest Brawler Basics guides. For both sections, click on “View more” to view all the posts in the corresponding category.

Finally, at the bottom of the home page, you can find a flipper that has information on advertisements and partnerships. Click on the flipper for more information. Note: what the flipper displays can and will change depending on what we use it for.

Top Menu

The top menu bar has been updated for viewability but has mainly stayed the same. Hover or click on the menu items to go to the corresponding pages.

Main Sidebar

We have updated the sidebar to look cleaner and display more relevant information. Here you can search the website, vote in the Weekly Poll, check out our Recent Posts, or support us! In addition, if you are interested in placing an advertisement in the sidebar, there’s a place for that as well. You can also get your in-game stats and more by clicking the “Check Your Stats” button (this will redirect you to Brawland, one of our partners).


Located at the bottom of every page, you can discover all the ways you can connect with us. Join our Discord server and follow our socials to keep updated, view exclusive content, and get alerted the minute a new post goes up. You should also Subscribe to our newsletter for free and get notified the minute a new post is published.


Last but not least, we updated our website background to look better. However, if you feel that the background makes the text hard to read, please let us know and suggest a color we should use instead.

Interested in joining our team?

If you would like to be a writer, editor, or designer here on Brawl Stars Daily, check out our Join The Team page for more information!


We hope you enjoy our redesigned website and continue reading our content! Please leave any feedback regarding our website either by commenting or contacting us. Oh, and help us spread the word by sharing Brawl Stars Daily, would ya? Thanks for reading!

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