Introducing Sandy, Two New Game Modes, Maps, and More!

by TheAlmightybro

September’s Brawl Stars update is here! There’s a new Legendary Brawler, two new game modes, three new skins, tones, of visual changes, balance changes, and more! Read the patch notes below.

New LEGENDARY Brawler – Sandy

Sandy walking animation with no background
Sandy’s walking animation (no bk)
  • Main attack: Pebble Blast
    • Sandy throws sand that pierces through enemies
  • Super Ability: Sandstorm
    • Sandy casts a sandstorm that lasts for 12 seconds and hides friendly Brawlers inside it
  • Star Power: Rude Sands
    • Sandstorm now also damages enemies for 200 damage per second
  • Star Power: Healing Winds
    • Sandstorm now also heals friendly Brawlers for 300 health per second

Two New Game Modes!!!

  • Lone Star – A fresh take on free for all Bounty
    • 10 players solo game mode
    • Normal Bounty rules and the winner is the player with most stars at the end
    • Players respawn on the edge of the map after being defeated
    • Player’s current position information is hinted in the top right corner
    • One star can be collected from the middle of the map
  • Takedown[Coming soon!] – Battle other brawlers while trying to deal the most damage to the Bot Boss
    • 10 players solo game mode
    • All players fight against each other and also against an AI-controlled Boss Character
    • The player who deals the most damage to the boss wins the game
    • Players respawn on the edge of the map after being defeated
    • Player’s current position information is hinted in the top right corner
    • Power Cubes spawn randomly on the edges of the map
    • Defeated players also drop some Power Cubes just like in Showdown (maximum dropped cubes is capped to 5)

New Skins

  • Pirate Gene [Coming soon!]
  • Sleepy Sandy [Coming soon!]
  • Red Wizard Barley

Brawler Visual Changes

  • El Primo + El Primo skins totally reworked
  • Summer Jessie effects reworked
  • Beach Brock effects reworked
  • Rico animations reworked
  • New portraits for Piper, Bo, and El Primo

Map Rotation Changes

  • New event slot added at 1600 trophies – Will be automatically open for players who have already passed 1600 Trophies
  • Both new game modes come out with 7 unique maps for each mode
  • Two new game modes added into the new slot, Lone Star and Takedown!

Brawler Balance


  • Increased healing from Medical Use star power from 300 to 400


  • Increased damage per second from Incendiary star power from 400 to 500


  • Enemies now do 13% less damage instead of 10% from Extra Toxic star power
  • Increased damage bonus from Carrion Crow star power from 100 to 120


  • Hyper Bear star power now increases Bear attack speed by 60% instead of 50%


  • Increased main attack damage from 240 to 260


  • Increased health from 5200 to 5400
  • Increased damage bonus from Thorny Gloves star power from 200 to 220


  • Increased Main attack reload time from 1.3s to 1.5s
  • Extra Life now respawns with zero ammo


  • Decreased speed buff from Home Run star power from 15% to 12%

El Primo

  • Decreased speed buff from Meteor Rush star power from 32% to 28%


  • Coiled Snake star power now takes 3.5 seconds to charge instead of 3 seconds


  • Decreased bullet gain from 0.4 to 0.3 from Snappy Sniping star power


  • Decreased healing from Band Aid star power from 2000 to 1800


  • Reload time is now 13% shorter instead of 15% shorter from Automa-Tick Reload star power


  • Increased damage for main attack from 580 to 600
  • Added 0.5s minimum cooldown between throws (to nerf spamming of Main attack when very close to a wall)


  • Increased healing from Da Capo star power from 500 to 600
  • Decreased damage from Screeching Solo star power from 1000 to 800


  • Invisibility (Leon+Sandy) does not work against IKE in Siege
  • Boss Fight: Boss now targets the closest Brawler instead of the farthest Brawler with the Rocket Attack
  • Showdown: Maximum number of Power Cubes that a defeated Brawler can drop is capped at 5
  • No longer supporting x86 Android devices

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 8-BIT Super area enemy effect to be of the correct size
  • Fixed a bug that caused 8-bit Extra Life to not work in Boss Fight if he was the last brawler alive
  • Fixed animation issues in Phoenix Crow skin
  • Fixed Road Rage Carl and Hog Rider Carl projectile speeds to match the correct values
  • Fixed known joystick issues on Android devices

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