September’s Brawl Talk is coming (very) soon

by TheAlmightybro

If you haven’t heard the news about September’s Brawl Talk, you must have been living under a rock (hey, it’s a joke). Ryan (@RLighton) tweeted this tweet yesterday hinting at the production of a new Brawl Talk episode. Today, Brawl Stars revealed that the next Brawl Talk is indeed coming very soon.

Brawl Talk Release Date

According to Brawl Stars’ tweet, the next Brawl Talk is getting released tomorrow, September 15th.

This is revealed at the end of the 15-second animated short. So get ready folks, the next update is merely a few days away.

What will be discussed in the Brawl Talk?

So far, we’ve only really gotten this short animation about the Brawl Talk, so any guesses are probably not very accurate. That being said, we can give some predictions.

Here’s what we think at least one of the topics tomorrow’s Brawl Talk will cover:

  • An El Primo remodel (the clip is literally an El Primo suiting up);
  • An El Primo skin;
  • Improvements to Star Points;
  • More Star Point skins in the Shop;
  • or a new, not 3v3 game-mode.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what’s coming in September’s Brawl Stars update. We’ll keep you updated, so make sure to subscribe to our post notifications! That’s it for now, keep Brawling!

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