September’s Brawl Talk is here! New Legendary Brawler, Gamemodes, Skins, and MORE!

by Simply Pete

September’s Brawl Talk has been released, just a mere two weeks after the last update! Read this article to find out what’s coming in the next update.

New Legendary Brawler: Sandy

Brawl Stars Sandy icon

Sandy is the new legendary brawler that will be added to Brawl Stars in the next update. Looking like a mixture between Tara and Gene with an attack similar to Tara and Poco, Sandy does seem underwhelming and unoriginal at first. However, let’s look into some of his stats and mechanics to see what is so special about Sandy.

Brawl Stars Sandy transparent
Brawl Stars Sandy


Sandy attack gif
Sandy’s attack

Sandy’s main attack is throwing sand into opponents, dealing 1260 damage to each brawler at max level. His attack is similar in mechanics to Nita, Tara, and Poco, in that the attack goes through brawlers and therefore can hit multiple brawlers at once.


Sandy Super GIF
Sandy’s Super

Sandy’s super creates a large sandstorm that turns all friendly brawlers invisible within the sandstorm’s radius. Lasting around 12 seconds, Sandy’s super is extremely powerful and will most likely be nerfed before or soon after his release. In addition, his first Star Power will deal 200 damage to each enemy brawler within the sandstorm every second.

El Primo Remodel

El Primo is getting a remodel, and both El Rey Primo and El Rudo Primo are getting new skins. Most likely, similar to Loaded Rico, the prices of these skins will go up, so get yours before the update if you want the skins!

3 New Skins

The 3 new skins are Pirate Gene, Sleepy Sandy, and Red Wizard Barley.

2 Projectile Remodels

Summer Jessie and Beach Brock have new and improved projectiles. Summer Jessie now shoots large water splashes while Beach Brock now shoots out sharks!

New Piper Icon

Piper’s icon is getting a re-design.

September update piper icon png

2 New Game Modes

Lone Star

Lone Star is a free-for-all bounty. Essentially, each player has a bounty on their head, like in Bounty, and the bounty increases as they kill more players. The larger a brawler’s bounty, the bigger target they are to other brawlers.


Takedown is a free-for-all game mode where there is a boss bot with around 300k health (similar to Boss Fight) and the player that deals the most damage to the boss bot wins.

That’s all for the September Brawl Talk! Of course, there may be many minor changes to the game that are not mentioned in the Brawl Talk, and specific details on Sandy, brawler skins, and new game modes will not be known until the update is released.

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