Rush Wars’ FIRST Update is Here!

by TheAlmightybro

Hey guys! Earlier today, Rush Wars got its first-ever game update. If you don’t know what Rush Wars is or what the update was about, continue reading!

What is Rush Wars?

If you didn’t already know, Rush Wars is Supercell newest beta game, released Monday, August 26, 2019. The game sort of mixes concepts from Clash Royale (destroying towers), and Boom Beach (selecting troops and building a defense). It is currently available on Android and iOS in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Update info

What’s new? Find out in the patch notes below.

New Gold Packs

There are now three new Gold packs purchasable with gems. You can fill up your gold with packs of 10%, 50%, and 100%.

Battle Speed

Once the last defense has been taken down, you’ll now speed (up to +250%) through the battle so you can get right back into the action!

5 New Maps

There are 5 NEW Megacity maps. They did not, however, reveal their designs. That’s for you to find in-game!

Card Level

Changes have been made to the card levels — this is a purely visual change, there are no new card levels — to simplify readability in-game and allow you to compare the differing power levels of each rarity.

Cards you collect will now start at the following levels and go up to Level 20 max.

  • Commons: Level 1 → Level 20
  • Rares: Level 5 → Level 20
  • Epics: Level 9 → Level 20
  • Commanders: Level 13 → Level 20

Changes/ Tweaks / Improvements:

  • iOS limited to iOS 10 or later
  • Can view player’s profile from the Battle Log
  • Show key timer when out of keys
  • New cards you claim from the chest will no longer get skipped


  • Sneaky Ninja’s invisibility will not switch back on after deactivated
  • Fix for Bazooka extra damage to Troops next to buildings
  • Troops leaving the Boost area, including Coach’s ability, will only hold the effect for 0.5s (instead of 2s)

Unlock Changes:

The Cards below have changed to certain HQ levels to help with balancing:

  • Mortar: HQ2 -> HQ3
  • Tank: HQ2 -> HQ3
  • Bazooka: HQ2 -> HQ3
  • Laser: HQ3 -> HQ4
  • Rocket Truck: HQ4 -> HQ5
  • Helipod: HQ5 -> HQ6


  • Player’s profile correctly displays in Dominations – Preparation day
  • Troops becoming stuck on the lower bridge
  • Domination reward will be adjusted to the player’s HQ
  • Replay getting cut off if a player places Troops after destroying one building
  • Players not being able to remove the last member from a Team
  • Team chat now opens at the latest received message (added scroll to the bottom button)
  • Fixed an exploit with Bonus Defense – Mines
  • The card upgrade sequence can now be tapped to skip
  • Fix for music turning off when a player tries to view any defenses in Domination when they’re a spectator
  • Fix for looping SFX of Rocket Truck’s attack when the battle ends
  • Fix for not being able to see players league and their league badge when looking at their profile
  • Attack stars from Domination will no longer be added to players total attack stars
  • Fix for Ninja not finding his path
  • Crash fixes for some devices
  • Some timer fixes
  • Missing text fixes/changes
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


Well, that’s a wrap for the first Rush Wars update! It might not seem like there was much new content, but keep in mind that it’s only been just over a week since the game was released. What are your thoughts on the update? Do you feel like coins should be easier to obtain? Let us know all your thoughts below and be sure to join our Discord server as well! Thanks for reading.

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