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by TheAlmightybro

A new update is dawning on Rush Wars. The upcoming update attempts to address the two most noticeable problems with the game: It’s repetitive nature and the low amount of Gold rewarded per attack. Let’s dive into what’s coming.

What’s New

New Attack & Defense Card System:

To help the game feel more strategic and varied (aka, avoid repetitive gameplay), you’ll now be assigned several randomly drawn cards from your collection to build your attack squad — and also when setting up your Gold Mine. How this works in practice…

For attacking, you will be assigned cards every three battle boxes you open.


When it’s time to set up your Gold Mine, you’ll also have to choose from the assigned defense cards.

Watch a clip of the new defense system on the Reddit post.

NOTE: Cards assigned to you are based on the cards you have unlocked.

You will now have to be more strategic in the choices you make and learn new tactics to ensure those three-star victories!

All the Gold ?:

Gold amounts on bases just didn’t feel quite right, with us sometimes finding bases with nothing to seize. We made some changes to ensure that every Gold Mine will ALWAYS have a nice amount of gold for you to obtain.

New HQ Card Balancing:

To help balance the game, we’ve reordered some cards to different HQ levels and also added two new HQs for future content ?.

Check out the changes below: ?

Post image

You better quickly unlock Laser, Sneaky Ninja and Rocket Truck!

Cheaper HQ Upgrades:

With HQ upgrades feeling a little high in price, we’ve made some changes to their upgrade costs. Cool! ?

New Maps:

We have added 3 NEW Megacity maps for you to enjoy!

Let us know once you have found them!Changes/ Tweaks/ Improvements

  • Added online status in the friend list
  • Added online status in the Team member list
  • You will now see your friends’ Facebook profile pictures in the friend list once connected
  • Added XP level in the Team member list
  • Changes to XP amounts needed for leveling up
  • New Cards you obtain will now animate once found


  • Lady Grenade Changes:
    • Attack Range ☝️: +0.5 Tiles
    • Damage/Sec ☝️: +40%
    • Area Damage Radius ☝️: +0.5 Tiles
    • Ability Damage ☝️: +1.5x Damage Multiplier
    • Ability Grenade Count ?: -2
  • Henchmen Changes:
    • Squad Size ?: -2
    • Housing Cost ?: -1
  • Tank Changes:
    • Health ?: -25%
    • Damage/Sec ☝️: +40%
  • Gorilla Health ☝️: +8%


✅ Fix for Walls stopping Slowmo mode

✅ Fix for 250% Boost with Walls

✅ Fixed Lady Grenade Commander causing damage from too far away

✅ Fixed old Commander levels showing in some screens

✅ Fix for battle ending early while players are still holding Arcade, Paratroops or Invisibility Airdrops.

✅ Fix for extra unit sometime being consumed when playing Domination

✅ Fixed battle log showing incorrect unit counts

✅ Added missing text/changes

✅ Other minor fixes and improvements

You can read the Reddit post here.

What do you think? Perhaps the new attack and defense system will help spice up the game a little and keep it from being stale, but it also presents a new problem: it forces you to upgrade all your cards. At least you can now actually gain Gold for attacking! That’s it for the patch notes. We’ll have to see how many players it brings back to the game. Let us know your thoughts and check out or Brawl Stars content while you’re here!

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