Get DOUBLE Tokens this week for FREE!

by TheAlmightybro

Hey brawlers! This week Brawl Stars is having it’s first ever Double Token Event! Continue reading and find out what’s in store.

Double Token Event

Brawl Stars introduced its first ever Double Token Event earlier today via the in-game News section and on their website. Essentially, for the duration of the week (possibly to celebrate the Mooncake Festival), all tokens earned from normal battles will be doubled (a free token doubler!) Brawl Stars double token week

It says ”Weekend” here, but that’s likely a typo.

Here’s their official update:

  • When this event is active the Tokens earned from battles are doubled (does not affect Brawler Rank Up Tokens, XP Level Up Tokens or Tokens earned from Ticketed Events).
  • This event rewards you with extra Tokens but only consumes the normal amount. Essentially the rewards are doubled.
  • Token Doubler doubles these Tokens as it would do with any other Token reward.


What do you think about this event? If you want more boxes to get legendary brawlers or more power-points, now is the time to grind!

Should Brawl Stars have more limited-time events such as these in the future? I sure hope they do! Anyways, thanks for reading and get those Tokens!

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